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2017 Art Summary by boniae 2017 Art Summary by boniae
Well, it's 2018!! 2017 flew by so fast for me, maybe I'm just getting older. :'D

In terms of art and productivity, I think 2017 was one of the most productive years for me ever. I didn't make serious illustrations or portfolio art pieces like I wanted to, but I managed to push my limits with all my projects and come up with some good designs to sell. In the beginning of the year, I redid the entire 1st chapter of Four Corners while still working on the fifth, then finished the fifth chapter and started working on getting my comic printed and hand bound all in time for the conventions November. And conventions! I actually ended up vending at my first craft fair and indie comic convention, and managed to make all kinds of stock and things to sell at them which I have to admit was seriously stressful, lol. Towards the end of the year my online store starting kicking off so I'm hoping to make more fanart things to sell on the side. Lastly, I ended the year off with getting back to VN development, so in hopes that my game Sagebrush can be completed sometime this year.

Thank you to everyone who follows me over here! I know I'm not always active but I'm trying! Lol. If you have a twitter or an instagram, you can follow me over there if you want! I'm definitely the most active on twitter. 
Happy 2018!
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