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November 28, 2012
Welcome To Metropolis, Man Of Steel by *BongzBerry
Featured by jcroxas
Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda
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Welcome To Metropolis, Man Of Steel

Hopefully i'm not the only one here who got wickedly giddy over the 2013 Zack Snyder-Christopher Nolan's take on The Man Of Steel.
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Great drawing. Film was terrible though.
ScruffyMaguire's avatar

it wasn't, you just didn't like it. there's a difference

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Joker, Lex, I think penguin, strange, Ra'as, Dent, Stan Lee, The guy with the eye path looks familiar but Idk who it is, and theres a guy that looks kinda like Dick Grayson to me but i'm prob wrong.
Cool Drawing!
MindOfAtom's avatar
I see Joker, Penguin, Hulk and Doctor Strange if I'm not mistaken?? And there's Stan Lee as well XD Great work though!
ivanosen's avatar
That is not solomon grundy
MindOfAtom's avatar
ooh.. hawt hawt!
AnimeAllStar101's avatar
XD XD XD the guy in the front.

Anyway, that looks cool
tZuB's avatar
My god, that's great!
SpartanNinja's avatar
Lex Luthor down to the left, right?
E-challenger's avatar
Shit... I mean right.*facepalm*
E-challenger's avatar
Hold on... Is that Stan Lee in the left??
DucksMcgee1997's avatar
I love the joker creepin on the left :D
KatanaNature's avatar
Wait-Do I See Stan Lee?
Artmaster543's avatar
Okay, I thought it was just me
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Edgar-Games's avatar
OMG Stan Lee is right wing down image
gijoerenegades's avatar
gotta love that guy takin' a selphie. Lex looks like he wants to change into a superhero costume too...
georgeVart's avatar
Is namor there too ?
nazgu123's avatar
Best selfie ever!
Kiefer-Sutherland's avatar
Hah. I love grundy in the background.
Yokai-Lover's avatar
Superman: Sup Lex? You just got out of work too?
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