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Man Of Steel - Man Of Ages

By BongzBerry
Something i did for this summer's Man Of Steel's countdown...
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Do sequel to this please. With The Truth costume, Rebirth cotsume, all DCEU costumes (BvS, Snyder Cut JL, behind scenes reshoot costume with dots and mustashe JL, reshoot JL (it's a little greeny), Shazam headless costume with red things down the tight), Reborn costume, and current Bendis costume with cuffs and trunks.
Why WB/DC doesn't pay you billion dollars already is a secret as sacred as origin of the whole universe.
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That's a whole lotta Supermen.
paulocnbat's avatar
Fantastic! I've seen some works similar to this very idea, but the quality of your execution is wonderful. Congratulations.
Superman8193's avatar
I love these! I used one of the images here.

Thanks again! I've never seen an image that invoked all his appearances like this! Awesome job!
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Great art ! And great work of research !
Actually, Superman Beyond design is from 2000's Batman Beyond episode "The Call"
Nevermind, I see someone already pointed it out.
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The coolest, and most overpowered superhero(Before Anime of course) ever made.
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Nice collection of various Super Men but why would you include the At Earth's Ends incarnation? I mean really
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Very impressive and well done^^
My only complaint is that you didn't included my favorite Supes version: the Justice Lord Superman.

Still really good.
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You even included "A nation divided"!!
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Hmm, I think you missed the 1978 film for this piece. :superman: 8-)
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You've done one HELL of a job on this, and I'm EXTRA stoked you got the Dark Side version i've been wondering where I could find that costume :D
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Nice work. You even included Bearded Idiot.
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I laughed so hard when I saw him in there!!! 
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Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I fricken love this!!=DDD
espermeset's avatar
this is great you are marvelous!
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Where's smallville?
ColourOnly85's avatar
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Awesome just got educated on all of The Supermen. 
skysoul25's avatar
no reevee,smallville, returns or L&c?
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Yeah, I agree with you. I just now checked through this myself and didn't get it... only live action Superman he has here is the Man of Steel one. But then he has all kind of obsscure silly depictions of Superman from the comics... but not a single live action one. I mean, what the fuck?!
skysoul25's avatar
well there was no kirk allen the frist live action superman either.
KurvosVicky's avatar
Either way, it's just ridiculous to only have the Man of Steel one out of all the live action ones. How come you suddenly turned side into the devil's advocate? :P
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