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King Of Seven Seas

As i promised coupla days ago, these are individually art of those character portrayed in my JLA piece. Colored and toned i hope y'all like it.


This one for my friend Adam Withers.
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Aquaman just doesn't get enough love! Fantastic!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Cool one of Aquamna here
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This is AMAZING. You did such a fantastic job on it, and his expression/pose goes so well with his personalty.
I love Aquaman, he's defiantly my top favorite superhero of all time.
I don't get why people hate him so much though, he's so rad.
RestlessDistress's avatar
Ive always hated Aquaman.
but this looks amazing,
i think im gonna start liking him.
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Wow, awesome Aquaman!
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Great job boss! Aquaman is at his best with his black shorts on!
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Agree, Superfriends era stil rulz, big time! You know what i hate the most ? When DC cut off Aquaman's hand and gave him beard! That was just plain sucked. the idea would never work. No wonder the sale plummeting to ridicously low.
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Darn skippy! Aquaman is the corniest most clean-cut member of the JLA (Except maybe the Big Red Cheese) and that's what makes him great!
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Yep, and nobody at DC realize this. Make Aquaman cool, i think that idea is just too hard for artist and writer there. Maybe they should read Fathom. Aspen is beautifully drawn and written.
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Woo! Thanks so much, man. You just made my day. :D
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This one fits with the character.
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