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Hulk VS Hulk

By BongzBerry
This is what i want to see in Incredible Hulk 3 ( if you count Ang Lee's Hulk )
The Mighty Jade Giant battling the Crimson Behemoth who're pretty much like himself.
I'm planning to see Hulk on weekend. The review good, the trailers smash ( no pun intended ) I really hope this one served me well, unlike Indy 4 of course.
I still got funny gut feeling everytime i saw Indy 4 TV spots or reviews on papers.
Thanks for Gerry Obadiah 'Stane' for wonderful color assist, keep rockin and rollin'!
So let's all watch Incredible Hulk over the weekend, and let's talk about it later next week, cheers !


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Whoa, marvelous job.
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The Red Hulk is General Ross
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art style reminds me of art adams

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"Open fire! And I don't want to see anyone hold back!"
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A great battle, oh for more Hulk check out this cool site
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Oh Yeah! This is EPIC!
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Tickling does the trick.
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Tis the end of days.
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I do count Ang Lee's HULK, It was a good movie, but people went there to see hulk smash, & it took so long for the hulk to come out most people tuned out before he even showed up, which is sad,
Cool pic!
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from my readings (i did alot of research on the red hulk commonly known as 'Rulk') the red hulk is actualy (SPOILER TO THE COMIC FANS) General Thunderbolt Ross. i cant remember exactly how it happend but rulk is ross. also if im right there is a red she hulk and its betty ross but i never read into it . just look up thunderbolt ross on wikipedia and scroll through it, u should find it. oh and amazing job, i too would love to see the other hulks play in the next movie, we already know the leader will be in it. and to give yall something to think about..the abomanation IS still alive, im waiting for his return
(im a major hulk fan if you cant tell lol)

if my info turns out to be false plz inform me, but i hope this helped y'all.
Personally, I don't like the fact that there are so many Hulks running around, also taking into account the related characters.
Let's see who's is currently there:
Red Hulk (it seems they've stopped calling him Rulk since he received his own Hulk title)
The new She-Hulk (I forget her name, something like Lyra)
Red She-Hulk
Skaar (Hulk's son)
A-bomb (Rick Jones' new hulked out form)

Hulk is said to be strong enough to break the world. It's just a little bit overcrowded. And their interactions with each other is a little bit corny. I recall seeing a scene where Hulk and Red She-Hulk fight with each other over their failing marriage.

The Red Hulk's own comic book is pretty good, though.
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i can agree to all that there are too many "unstopable forces" and its just getting out of hand. i nvr got to see read the red hulk comic, i need to look into it, movie wise (after seeing the avengers, was amazing!) i think they should just stick with what they set up for in the last movie with 'The Leader' if u rememmber what im reffering to
epic throwdown!
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I would love to see a film saga or a tv series with the whole Planet Hulk, WWH and Red Hulk thing... that would be AWESOME.
Great piece by the way =D
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general ross vs. dr. david bruce banner vs. nicholas fury! love nick's expression!! nice job!
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"Shoot the big one!!!"

"Which one the big one??!!"

BTW Green Hulk wins!!!
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Наваляй ему зеленый.......
Thunder Bolt Ross is red hulk. Ross is like abom, but smarter and more calculated. Infact, Ross kills abom and another hulk bad guy before fighting hulk. So yeah, Red hulk is a real threat to Green Hulk.
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Spoiler! It's General Ross.
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Looks like Ross will get what he wants afterall: He wanted the Hulk duplicated and turned into a weapon, and now he's become one.
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Yeah, but now he's stuck like that. He can't become Ross again without being shamed by his peers.
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I betcha he says something like, "Thanks for ur power, Banner. Now I'll kill u with it." like Abomination.
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