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Force Chronicle : SITH part 2

By BongzBerry
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This is my Elseworld STAR WARS Story, called STAR WARS : The Force Chronicle. Took time decades after STAR WARS : Legacy . The friction between Sith and Jedi are almost non existent in this era. Sometime the Sith and Jedi must reluctantly work hand in hand to save themselves, because this time they got better opponent to face, a new alien race called The De’Saad or mostly known as The Force Devourer. This monstrousity consume Force energy to sustain their terrible way of life. Able to posses humanoid or alien form, then mutated them into Force sensitive hunter killer, ( which in this case a Jedi or Sith ) The more Midi Chlorian contained in their victim, more stronger they’ll become. I’ll tell you about De’Saad some other time. Here we got our second bunch of characters of my Elseworld story. These are the Sith, from left to right :
WARNING: These are only trading cards design dummies, not a real thing,enjoy!

1. Darth JADE. Former Jedi Jade Darklighter. First female to become Sith lord
Since the era of Darth Talon in STAR WARS : Legacy. Died during her
exploration on ruined Sith temple of Russan. Jade died struck by the ghost
of Ayla Secura, great female Twi’lek Jedi who perished during Order 66.
Unlike Darth Maeve who got his memory intact after resurrected, Jade
woke up with no memory of her past. Darth Grimm must re-program her
via simulation from Sith Holocron. Now all battle skills reformed, Jade still
has blur memory about her previous life, and now she starts asking her
cause and mission.

2. Darth JANUS. The master of Sith mind trick Janus was formerly
Imperial Officer Taran Valtras . Working directly under Emperor Palpatine II
During Dark Empire Era. Having worked with Palpatine II cloning labs
for many years, Valtras helped Master Taa resurrected Sith lords from the
past to form Darth Grimm’s small but effective army. After the fall of the
New Dark Empire, terrified Valtras accidentially froze himself in carbonite
chamber. Master Taa found him decades later, awaken and made him
his assistant in Darth Maul project. He’s the one who explored in Sith
Holocron looking for Darth Maul genetic heritage and found out Grimm
was the prime clone donor for the creation of Darth Maul. When Palpatine
prepare his Sith Revenge project, decades before Phantom Menace, he
asked these Kaminoan scientist Viceroy Klaan and his ( then) aide Taa.
to create ultimate warrior for him. Taken from the genes of the man he once
defeated, Darth Grimm, Palpatine create Khameir Sarin later known as
Darth Maul. To prevent old Grimm’s memory rose up and seek revenge
Palpatine ask Klaan to altered the clone to be less independent and and
less creative. He also altered the appearance as well. After many
years of experiment gone bad and rigorous training, Darth Maul was born.

3. Darth NUVOK. According to Sith Holocron,The blue skinned Nuvok is the third person ever using the moniker Darth Nuvok, the previous two perished in a betrayal took place some centuries ago. Believing third time is a charm, Rylothan from naval world of Aqualiss Bastius Grell took the name after he completed his training under Darth Grimm not so long ago. Despite his aquatic look, Grell rumored to be long lost illegitimate descendant of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grell inherits his half great great grandfather ( if true ) brilliant strategic and military tactician mind.

4. GRAKKUS . A Vader loyalist Nohgri. Grakhkus is descendant of Khabarakh, a Noghri who pledge loyality to Leia Organa, the Daughter Of Vader. Ever lost contact with Skywalkers next of kin, Grakhkus start hanged out with the wrong crowds and recruited by Darth Grimm. Seeing Grimm’s cause same as Darth Vader, Grakhkus switch his loyality to Darth Grimm. As Darth Maul being kept as ultimate weapon by Darth Grimm, Grakhkus act as secret operative for Darth Grimm’s band of Sith. Infiltrate to many New Republic and Jedi infrastructures in capital city of Coruscant is one of many missions Grimm’s has sent him. His latest mission attempt was to infiltrate De’Saad home planet , Planet Saadii on system of Umbaar. He’s been away for 3 months, no news from him ( yet )

May The Force Be With You..Always!

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Ive never found anyone who has similar Star wars interest's in designing stories like this

Your deviantart page gets far too little attention
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Adam Hughes is my idol, teacher and master...
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As good as the Adam Hugues works! you're great!