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This piece is actually for competition i did 3month ago.but it didn't make it. i admit it look messy interm of layout and crowded with many thing..but it a good training for me.hope to do better next time.

done in photoshops cs3
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This is a beautiful piece! I was wondering if I could use it as cover for my novel in progress. This is exactly how I picture my story setting to be.
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I think that this is amazing, that it is the winner in my eyes, and that you don't need to prove yourself to anybody in competitions. You are an AMAZING artist, so know you don't have to compete. You are ALREADY a winner. I understand you may not see it, because you are the creator, but take it from me, a complete stranger: YOU ARE A WINNER! No one judge can represent the likes of millions of people. So, if you think about it, competitions are kind of worthless, because the interest of the judge is not equal to the interests of the millions of people who can enjoy your artwork. Tx for sharing. 
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This is very good mate!
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I've been using it as a wallpaper since then :D
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hehe thanks :)
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makin susah nk kejar ko skang ni bong.
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It's like Tim Burton/Lord of the Rings/StarWars.
Excuse my geekiness.
GREAT artwork!
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no problem,thanks :)
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There's a lot of detail in this. And the way you've executed the colors on top of the picture is beautifully well done. Wow... I could never do something as amazing as this~ <3333
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You're welcome. <33333
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maw potong tgn kao.
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SO gorgeous! I love the colours.
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skrang baru hantar sini....?
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yep..haha x ingat nak upload.
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