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Barong_Fire Colossus

this my entry for this contest.i've tried my best..this is all i can do for now.

done in photoshop

thanks a lot for viewing my artwork.:)
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it's an amazing job! well done! ^^ :clap: :hooray:
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woooo bila nk lpk ny...
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this is cool.... i like it...
the face kinda reminds me of ikki's master from saint seiya. i like it though
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i have a better name for it, "baron over the top insanely awsome"; seriously, the only way to make it look more awsome was if he had boobs!... but don't...
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my pleasure ;) it would be great if you take a look in my gallery ;) for your feedback i would be very grateful ;) :)
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nangis..tablet apa ko pakai ni
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wacom bamboo je.xde duit nak bli yg mahal hehe.
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dem aku pakai bamboo jugak..tak sama pun wahaha ingat bulan depan nak upgade size 6x9
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aku pakai yg paling kecik skali b5.xde la penat sangat nak mengaler dan save ruang meja.hehe
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sama la dem dem dem
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uinaaa..ok ba kalo kao,kalo kao sya layan.
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WOw this is amazingly amazing !!!

Love the colors, the face of the colossus, the effects...
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Sort of looks like a buddha inspired sort of thing, with the style of the arms and upper torso... bloody epic though lol.
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