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Project 2107----- NEO Taichung

By bongbaba
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Good job , I like these Cyberpunk arts
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Thanks man! You got some cool stuffs too!
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Interesting ! :)
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Dayum~~~~  OMG OMG OMG
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A DD, abbreviated for 'Daily Deviation', is an honor given daily to 12 or so carefully chosen artists, in recognition of an outstanding artwork, felt worthy by the volunteer and/or suggester choosing the artwork, to be brought to the attention of the community at large.
It's a high honor. :) ^^
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ohhohh! Thanks for helping me to understand :D
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That lighting.
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Your lighting here is what really makes this stand out for me.  How many artists think about the light reflecting off of black asphalt, and how at the right angle, the glare is quite bright.   Beautifully done.
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Wow you're exaggerating! I'll work harder, thanks a lot!! 
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lol about what??
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ahahahahah.. about the DD of course. ;)
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Apparently in the future we all strap scraps of metal to skyscrapers, and I'll be honest I'm not getting a sense of future tech from this pic
other then the airship dock up in front. 
Sure its really well detailed, well beyond anything I can do or will do anytime soon, I mean its got great atmospheric depth, and almost looks
like a photograph, so my next point is, will I ever think about this artwork again?
Probably not, you see a million cityscapes with epic art, hell they're standard issue, unless they have some sort of deeper meaning
or you throw in some epic or even silly monster. 
Overall, epic looking, but uninspiring. 
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Haha ya you're right, being inspiring is not easy, which the reason why I'm nobody rather than a director or somebody lol, anyway I'll keep learning and hopefully someday my works will be epic and inspiring :D Cheers!
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He's kind of right; it looks like a million hours went into it and it looks like a million other pieces in the same vein. But your technique is still flawless.
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