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Modern Steam Icon

By BoneyardBrew
Doesn't come with a background. That's just for preview purposes.

Valve's new Steam logo style, remade and re-tooled for your use. Available in ICO, SVG, ICNS, and PNG!

I'm not familiar with the copyright licenses so I'll clear a few things up right here. I'm not claiming this logo to be my own, although I did remake this particular copy of it. You're free to use it in your projects with proper credit. Ultimately, treat it with the same respect you would an official Valve logo.
© 2013 - 2021 BoneyardBrew
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How to install that?
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Looks great with Windows 10, but not so great on the new taskbar:

Any chance for a fix?
Z3R00NL1N3's avatar
I can confirm that this doesn't work on Windows 10 too.
Fancypants22's avatar
Hey man, just curious on how you changed the icons in windows 10. Did you just change the shortcut, or did you change the actual program icon?
link6155's avatar
Just changed the shortcut icon.
Just replying to get notified, haven't installed windows 10 yet but I am concerned my windows shortcut technique won't work as good as it does on my windows 7 task bar (aka the Dock)
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Icons are sized different, but they look fine.

I tweaked the icon myself and now I fixed how it looks on Windows 10.
how did you fix this for windows 10 taskbar? :)
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Where is download button ? :/
Prewz's avatar
top right, under add to favourites

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I have installed this on my computer, where do I go to actually change the backgroud?
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99999999999/10 perfectly on my wallpaper
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Love the icon, could I use it for a gaming website design?
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RyanSufc1997's avatar
Aw I never said thanks for this! I have been using it for ages! It's very neat!
BoneyardBrew's avatar
Haha, glad you like it!
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Yeah, I based it off of some older Valve marketing material and it looks like they've decided to finally go ahead with the design as well! Good choice, I think.
is it possible to change the tray icon? and is it safe or theres a possibility to get vac banned? thanks in advance!
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I know this response is really late but you can change it. You just change the icon of the steam shortcut in the start menu folder.
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