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Futuro for Steam Alpha 9

By BoneyardBrew
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About Futuro:
A sneak peek at my vision of the future of Steam. This theme blends elements from Valve's latest services, websites, and ideas of my own to create a fun and functional environment within the Steam client. Please join the group for progress posts and previews!

The Goal:
Currently in Alpha, expect Futuro to lack the overall polish of my other work. If you're coming from Metro for Steam you may remember how drastically it's changed over time. I plan on providing the same care and attention to Futuro and am excited to craft it into a wonderful experience for you!

See the readme and don't forget to install the included font!
© 2014 - 2021 BoneyardBrew
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deuxdoom's avatar
It's very good ! but I want Black Version as a Metro UI(Windows 8) Skin. 
Bagginsboys-Pon-3's avatar
Also, bring back the UI For alpha 7! I never used it but it looks really good and i want to use it =(
Bagginsboys-Pon-3's avatar
Hey, for Alpha 10, edit the Overlay! The normal one is boring =(
SenseiFinn's avatar
Looks Awesome,but the Font is not cool.
how can i get the old black futuro?
Calistar07's avatar
Great But Needs More "Metro" Touch. 
zimsd619's avatar
Oh wow, I like the way this looks. It looks almost a lot like your Metro for Steam but with a different twist.

I will definitely follow this for future updates!
eXticey's avatar
The gigantic white bar full of emptyness needs to go, I don't know how, but it does.

So distracting, and a waste of space :/
ZonaGuy12's avatar
I love this but I would like to recommend some ideas.

#1 Add the downloads button somewhere in the library tab and not in the drop down menu but on the screen because I don't know if anybody else would have this problem but I got a bit annoyed when trying to click download when there is nothing there.... (If I didn't see it sorry and please point this out to me)

#2 You should try and get SoapyHamHocks (or someone else... maybe even you!) to make a settings program for this so we can change some colors and other stuff (and I love this font :D)

#3 add the DLC area you just added to Metro in here (or atleast an option for it in the settings program if there will be one) because I love how it tells me if it is installed or not. I know it's a bit weird but don't judge...

#4 Not another idea but a thanks for this awesome skin :D

Hope to see more updates for this :D - ZonaGuy12/Riki
RamiAbidi's avatar
AWSOME SKINS MAN ! i hope you make new ones
eksenREAL's avatar
Best skin steam ever! :D
GAC-N7's avatar
From black to white.. :c
DP-films's avatar
Was there any reason for changing the layout from 7 to 9? I love the previous one and it was the most handy thing that made it distinct from other themes.
can u make wallet fund bigger like your metro skin? i cant see my wallet.
im using rupiah currency not using usd/euro
and this too

i love ur skins metro and this futuro :D
0hai-There's avatar
Part of the reason I liked Futuro was because of the unique left oriented panel and simple dark color scheme. Alpha 9 looks like facebook, which does not compliment steam at all. I know this is still alpha and probably not your highest priority behind Metro, but it'd be a shame to let this design fall behind.
BoneyardBrew's avatar
Unfortunately, the sidebar had fundamental flaws due to the way Valve coded the menus to open. The skin was unusable for a decent portion of the user-base who uses Steam fullscreen or on smaller monitors. As for this looking like Facebook, I'm being completely honest when I say I haven't used or seen a picture of Facebook in years. This design takes cues from the original Futuro layout, Google's material design, and my own imagination mostly. As for it complimenting Steam, I'm guessing you mean the library views and what not? If that's the case I'd just like to mention that those sections are left overs from older Futuro alphas and will be brought up to speed with future updates. I hope you'll keep an eye on this and see how it evolves.
Dranagra's avatar
Whoa. We won't stay with this look for long, right? The bar with the notifications gets in the way too much, and I'm not liking the blue. But yay, an update.
BoneyardBrew's avatar
It's still significantly smaller than stock Steam but I have slimmed it down further for the next update.

The blue is staying for now, but the default color may change at some point. Like Metro, I plan on allowing for customization in the future.
maxMrT's avatar
Hmph, when do you think you'll get a chance to update this? It seems to been a while since looking at the comments.
andeks's avatar
plz update this skin!!!! :D
BoneyardBrew's avatar
I hope I can find the time too soon! :/
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