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Firefox 3.7 Mockup Redux 2.5

If you like this theme, I highly recommend you take a look at the following for a more current, stable, version of the Firefox Mockup theme.




Thank you.

Version 2.5 Has Been Released! Check out the updated preview.

Small Update:
Includes updated Stylish code to fix large bookmarks bar

SoapyHamHocks and myself have created a Firefox theme based on the 3.7 mockup.

Version 2.5

This theme has been featured on AskVG, WinMatrix and The Windows Club, Lifehacker TwisterMC and countless other communities and forums! Thanks!

Follow the instructions on the following page to install the theme and get it set up accordingly.


Special thanks to Arvid Axelsson and Thomas McMahon for providing a base for our theme.

-Transparent Buttons and Tabs Replicating the Design Found in the Mockup
-Custom Bookmark/Tools Buttons
-Sleek All-Glass Look


Arvid Axelsson - I used his excellent theme Kempelton as a base

Thomas McMahon - I also used iPox Remix as a template for several files required to make this theme install properly

BoneyardBrew - custom icons, buttons, tabs, modified icons from Kempelton etc.

SoapyHamHocks - Tons of CSS work, button position fixes, positioning of several new buttons, polish on theme as a whole

I couldn't have done this without the help of those mentioned above, especially Soapy. Thanks!

Special thanks to Vishal Gupta for featuring this theme on his website. Be sure to visit his website for the latest discussions about Windows tweaks, tips, and troubleshooting guides and more!

Also, another special thanks goes out to Mheltin for featuring this theme on WinMatrix! WinMatrix is an excellent site to find all the tools and themes you need to customize Windows to your liking.

Also, special thanks to everyone who has featured this theme on their website, community, forum etc. We really appreciate the great feedback from you guys!

Works with Firefox 3.0 and later.


To install this theme drag the downloaded .JAR onto an open add-ons window.

Leave us a comment, we'd appreciate it!
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Man, I wish Mozilla had stuck with this one. Australis is a mess compared to the mockups for 3.7 and 4.0.
Golliet's avatar
I really hope there's an update soon. Minimalistic themes are definitely the best for browsers!
link6155's avatar
Try strata40. It's the updating version pretty much.
kantori's avatar
love the theme.

Question though:
Anyway to make it compatible with Persona but still using Glazz?
BoneyardBrew's avatar
Thanks. :)

We don't really support this theme anymore because it isn't easy to make it compatible with the latest version of Firefox.

Sorry about that. :(
kantori's avatar
oic, is the Raven - 0.1 the newest one I should convert to? Would it be possible to make it compatible with Persona on that too?

i really like that glass one a lot tho :X
BoneyardBrew's avatar
What version of Firefox are you using? If you are using 3.6.x, you can use the following theme.


It looks similar to this one, but it newer and has less bugs. I'm not sure about Persona support on it though, being I only helped make part of the companion addon.

I'm going to be creating my own, newer version of this Mockup theme soon, and I'll see if I can add Personas support for you.
kantori's avatar
yes it is 3.6.10 ver
thxs for the link, Im using it now but i don't see any difference from urs :X
wtfbarbie's avatar
This theme isn't giving me an actual theme file. Just a preview and a read me. :S
Can you please make it compatible with FF 3.6?
BoneyardBrew's avatar
That proved to be a little harder than I thought it would be initially. We're still looking into it.
sukez0r's avatar
oh snap this theme is so great, it's a shame it's not 3.6 compatible :/
amnestis's avatar
I'm craaaazyyy!! I want absolutely this theme xD
amnestis's avatar
Wow! This theme is really fantastic and I love it! *.* Unfortunately this is theme uncompatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.6. Can you port this theme on Firefox 3.6, please? :pray:
BoneyardBrew's avatar
Thanks! :)

I'll see what we can do to make it compatible, but if there are any issues, we might not be able to fix them at this time.
SunyiNyufi's avatar
Hey, I love this theme, I wonder if you plan to make it compatible with Firefox 3.6 or not? :)
BoneyardBrew's avatar
Thanks :). I'll see if we can update it to work with 3.6, but there may be some issues.
The only thing I don't like about the theme is that I can only "go back" one page at a time. Will you be fixing this issue in the future?
BoneyardBrew's avatar
You should be able to right-click the back or forward button to reveal history.
sabret00the's avatar
Can't get this to install on 3.6RC1
BoneyardBrew's avatar
It's not compatible at this time. I'll see if we can update it, but we may run into some issues.
skillman92's avatar
stupendo thanks brother ^^
BoneyardBrew's avatar
Thanks, and you're welcome :).
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