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Summer Campfire

Ok this is still a work in progress, I'm still deciding if im going to use this for one of my requests or if im going to put Luna into it instead, or somthing else let me know what you think. I still think that I need to add/change the back mountain area and purple hill infront of that. Let me know what you think I should do. A good amount of it is vectored from SisterHooves Social

Time: 9 hours over the past month
(I'v been way to busy, but requests are very slowly getting done)

PSD: [link]
Thanks to :icondaringdashie: SVG: [link]

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:
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Hi BonesWolbach!

Can I use your awesome background for my game. I'll pay for it!
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New to DeviantArt/Photoshop/Vectors, started with something simple
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You mind if I use this as a temporary fanfic cover? I'll credit you.

Silver out!
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Yeah go right ahead
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Silver out!
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Hah I saw this and was reminded of an upcoming MLP episode "Sleepless in Ponyville" from the synopsis it looks like its going to involve camping. Awesome job btw:)
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Well somebody has the mastery of MLP:FiM background art!
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Your background are always great, used this one in a pic, let me know what you think [link]
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I used this vector here ^-^

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I used your background here through *DaringDashie's SVG version (I had to de-blur and de-gradient the sky to avoid banding). Credit is given in the description. And maybe you could put the SVG link in the description, and consider it as a collaboration with *DaringDashie, since the link is already in the comments...
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I've used this BG here (with full credit of course :)) thanks.

I've also converted it to an Inkscape SVG, might be useful to you in AI?
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I'm glad you were able to make it work, the comic is awesome! :D Just curious how did you end up getting the file from PSD to Inkscape? Did you use Illustrator as a half way program? and thanks for linking the SVG version of the image, it will be really useful in the future :)
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I need to go in and have a look at the rest of your backgrounds before my Photoshop demo expires, you've got a great collection of them.

I was thinking maybe you could link the SVG in your description? Only if you want to though, it just might be handy for somepony else :)

Several people have asked how I did this conversion, its a little long and complicated so I've put together a quick DIY guide/explanation. (As an aside, have you ever tried the export paths to Illustrator command in PS? I don't have Illustrator and the AIs I generated wouldn't open in Inkscape.)
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