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Random Ipad Drawings

Just some random very quick drawings done on an ipad uing idraw and i felt like posting them becuase I havn't posted in a like while. Just curious to see what people think of the Sprite-bot designs from FOE. this will probably end up in scraps.
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Those are just the kind of whimsical robots I love, with the retro sci-fi antennae and minuscule rivets.  Jewel-like lights and buttons are cool, no matter how little engineering sense they make.  I got a calculator with jewel buttons for my 9th or 10th birthday and I loved that thing.

I gather this is based on somebody's fanfic, but did you design the robots?  If not, can you link me to the artwork they're based on?  Just curious.

Thanks for all the faves by the way.
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The pony is a bit off, but the bottlecap.. WHOA... its PERFECT omg..
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For the sprite bots, I kind of like the second design more. Metal wings make it seem clunky. Also I love the crazy mane design on the pony!
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love the mane and tail designs
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Very nice, I like the one with the translucent wings the best.
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Very good! What app did you use?
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Cool sprite-bots. :3 I like them.
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