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Ponyville Street to Town Center

Well this is something that I have been working on for quite some time, mainly for me to keep my sanity between school assignments. 
There is also a lot of small details on the back mountains that are hidden behind the buildings in front so you can move the back mountains, say in an animation, and it would show more of those details. (if that makes any sense at all) 

Yeah the .PNG is a little large so if you need a different size and can change it yourself let me know and i'll send you a smaller or larger .PNG

AI File:

MLP (C) Hasbro

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16098x5000px 9.27 MB
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I need a smaller .PNG please. Not TOO small

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Used and credited here:  Scooting Scootaloo by AusKeldeo
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used and credited  Why Do You Watch This Garbage? by iamcj22
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I tried importing this to Flash CC, but the floor and the sky is missing...

Any suggestions to let me successfully import the whole vector into flash and let it freely zoom in and out without showing the pixels?
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Hey I'm not sure how to fix that with flash, I have very little experience with working in flash. sorry I'm not more help. 
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Its okay :P
I managed to do it..
Thanks for great art.
Used in my app:

Well the image is very big 1MB SVG file, it's too big for much but I do not have time for optimalizing it, and not vector images are lame ;-D
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You have a nack for backgrounds, this would work well for making a "Where's Waldo?" scene.
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