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Requested by :iconmacchinacs:
From Putting Your Hoof Down

Time: 6ish hours

PSD: [link]

(C) Hasbro

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louis (pinkie): oh damn! a witch is around here!
zoey (rarity):i have a bad feeling about this...
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I used this background again, just to let you know. [link]
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Used that abandoned "treehouse" in a picture of mine: [link]
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unbelievable work. Love it.
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Looks like zombies in ponyville xD
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Fluttershy's House: Bad Future
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HA HA! YOU MADE IT! YOU MADE IT! i expected to see this decor from you (in a title like "The Abandoned Cottage"). i can hardly believe you did it in about 6 hours. but this is awesome, indeed.
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Are you sure that you don't work for Hasbro in background designs? Cause these are top notch
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Bones! this is awesome except now I'm sad! WHY AM I SO SAD?
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You know what's the best part? Its only Fluttershy that is sad but the whole scene looks like a post-apocaliptic secene. That gray/blue tinted sky, slight pale green ambient light on the ground and sorrounding objects. Only thing that is missing is geiger counter crackling sounds.
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Cue Incredible Hulk Hitch-Hiking music.
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