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Desert Canyon Sunrise

By BonesWolbach
The background I made the desert resources for. should probably be studying for finals but... ahhh I need to focus! Either way this background is a combination of some stuff from MLP FIM desert episodes and my own drawings. I am also going to make this background at night soon. hope you like it.

I still feel like somthing is missing... ponies, raiders, a giant spider? I don't know, let me know if you think I should add/change anything

Time: 7ish hours

Desert Plant Resources (not all plants are in this): [link]
Yucca: [link]

PSD: [link]
AI: [link]

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Definitely needs a giant spider. I'm getting G1 flashbacks for some reason... this reminds me of where the witches sent the giant spider to block the way. (This being MLP, it got tickled into submission.)
Bubbletea-Coyote's avatar
[link] I used the background here! hehe thanks xD
TheAmazingGumball's avatar
I'm just wondering... Yes I know I'm allowed to use it, and I love this picture..... I'm just asking... could I use this for a chatlands room?
BonesWolbach's avatar
Yeah go right ahead, I'm glad you like it :)
UtterlyLudicrous's avatar
Used in a movie promo. Great work on this!
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Hey there, I love your backgrounds, would you mind if I used some in my pictures, obviously as long as I properly credit you in the description with a link back? I'm not a very artistic pony and am unfortunately limited to plundering the creativity of others ATM to make my images. But I am learning to be more independent!
BonesWolbach's avatar
Yeah feel free to use any of my vectors, thats what they are there for.
BB-K's avatar
Nice work, and then the tumbleweed comes. :)
UltimateBloodMoney's avatar
Jesus, thats amazing!
OfficialVanacus's avatar
You have too many good uploads to comment on - great work!
alcrd119's avatar
7 hours? You've gotta be effin kidding me.. It would take me 7 days at least. Maybe some day i will be good enough to create vector backgrounds :P

Anyways awsome job.
HewyToonmore's avatar
I just love the Wild West!!
Wanizame's avatar
Makes me think of Honest Hearts from Fallout New Vegas.
Dauntless1's avatar
Yeah, I was getting a Red Rock Canyon vibe from it too.
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