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Daring Do

Pony Vector for tomorrows episode
Edit: fixed the lack of mane coming from behind her ear.

Character (C) Lauren Faust/ Hasbro

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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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Ditzy's older sister!
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Rainbowdash's cousin
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Sorry, I linked to wrong image :/ *self facepalm*
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I used this artwork to make this artwork in fan fic idea with Daring Do, Princess Cadence and my OC Pony Lotto…
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Very cool wallpaper!
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Thanks for this! used here [link]
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Nice, i Like it!
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Hey, i used ur work in my first PMV and credited you :)
I'm sorry i haven't had time to ask permission from everypony but I credited every single one of you.

- Striken /)
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Awesome work! glad someone is using my vectors, if you ever want to use any of the other vectors you dont need to ask permission :)
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I used this vector for a pic: [link]
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haha thats awesome!
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Daring Do is ssooo cool
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I used your image in my pic, you can view it here: [link]
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Can i borrow this?
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