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Endgame - 5

Endgame - 4

Endgame - 3


Endgame - 3

Episode 3: Depthcharge Orcelot Rex alighted on the Absolution's dorsal section like a weightless Goliath. He brought his arm up to chest level and a small control panel slid open just behind his wrist where he punched in some commands. Behind him, his assault ship detached from the weaker yet infinitely larger vehicle's plating and gently thrust itself forward until it was hovering over the nose of the broadcast ship. It fired another small explosive into the vessel's prow end, burning through the deep blue one-way glass to create a fresh hole complete with enormous cracks in its opaque surface. Then it returned to the Absolution where it re

Endgame - 2


Endgame - 2

Episode 2: Commence Destruction The Absolution was still. Whatever motion the huge ship retained was due to the recent impact and the momentum left from its no longer functioning engines as it slowed to a halt in the middle of deep space. Surrounded by red flashes and alarms, TOM pushed himself up in the dark bridge. Any time the Absolution's control center got this dark or noisy, it was bad news, and now it was suffering both symptoms at the same time. He looked at the outboard camera feed to see the great empty spot that the ship's reactor had occupied less than a minute ago. The sight of scorched and twisted metal made his stomach sink.

Endgame - 1

Toonami: Dead or Alive

My Bio
Current Residence: Alternating between Toonami's GPSS Absolution (like a trekkie on the Enterprise) and Equestria.

Favourite genre of music: Movie scores (which nowadays includes TV and video game scores).

Personal Quote: I am AWESOME...sometimes.

Favourite Visual Artist
Drew Struzen, Jason Palmer, Paul Shipper, Phillip M Jackson, Otis Frampton, Frist44 (DA handle) DfectiveDvice (DA), Joey-Darkmeat (DA), sherwoodwhisper (DA).
Favourite Movies
Indiana Jones (all four), Scream 1-4, Aliens, Jurassic Park, StarGate, Hot Fuzz, Radioland Murders, Duck Soup, and Run, Man, Run.
Favourite TV Shows
MST3K, Young Justice, White Collar, Black Sails, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Avatar saga, Sit Down Shut Up, Gravity Falls, Overwatch shorts.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Masami Ueda, David Arnold, Christopher L. Stone, John Williams.
Favourite Books
Batman: No Man's Land, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, Night Calls the Green Falcon (a short story), and the "Legend of the Five Rings: Clan War" series.
Favourite Writers
Timothy Zahn, Michael Reaves, Paul Dini, J Michael Straczynski, Steven Moffat, Mark Edward Edens.
Favourite Games
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Halo series, Portal series.
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBox 360/One.
Other Interests
Women who exert the same confidence and aggressive flirting as masculine guys, and muscular women whose bodies are not ripped out of proportion.

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ey, do you rp?
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Hello!  Have some pony paintings :)
Tempest Shadow, Ready to be Reformed by AquilaTEagle   Princess Ember First Sighting by AquilaTEagle   Sunset Shimmer with Phoenix Jacket by AquilaTEagle   Princess Luna Painting by AquilaTEagle   Summer Meadow - Discovery by AquilaTEagle  
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Happy birthday!
Thanks for FAV on my
Hello by gielczynski :)
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You like MST3K too? Nice. My favorite episode is the Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster one. "Run! Pink Lady and Jeff are back!"

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