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The Beholder

By Bonekrishna
The narrow and long passage gave way to a larger hall. The smell of rusted metal lingers strongly in the air emanating from the many broken weapons and armors scattered on the ground, signs of old battles. Each step leads you further to the center as you try your best to avoid the debris and remains. On the other side you notice movement, as an unholy form slowly hovers from the shadows. This impossible creature looks at you with malicious intent and you know it won't let you escape now, it is kill or be killed. Congratulations adventurer, your search is over. You have found the Beholder!
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It's beautiful.

Stunning ! looking forward to see more works of yours.

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they are also good for search and recovering lost artifacts if you train them (well if you've seen that poor excuse for a DD movie)
Bonekrishna's avatar
Unfortunately, I have seen it... I'm still trying to forget it... It haunts my dreams!
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I moved my screen away because I thought the blurry thing on the screen was actually blocking my view lmfao
theBEARDEDcanuck's avatar
That is one scary looking breast

...just kidding man, an amazingly disturbing take on the D&D classic :D
I didn't want to sleep anyways
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Great take on the beholder. Very scrotey. Scrotholder. With that lower-right retracted tentacled eye, just putting it out there, it seems like a beholder based on scrotum and dick flesh. The black eyes with the milky pupils is really what disturbs. A true creature of the Far Realms. Absolutely fantastic. You're pushing boundaries in the right direction.
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I'm glad I found him.. & now, I really want... to.. poke him. 
It's the Elemental's uglier brother.
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This is awesome. Makes me think of dragon's dogma!
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This is so cool! So much detail. What program do you use?
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just photoshop.
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2d is understatement 
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this is just... incredible. wow.
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Holy shit, this scares the f*ck it of me.
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That's a kawai-ass big gummy boiii
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Looks like the floating testical in destiny 2 forsaken
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Beauty lies in the eye of The Beholder
Chamjari's avatar
Dude, I learned that lesson as a kid

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mike wazowski is that you?
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