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Medicine Man

For years now the Medicine Man has been the sole responsible for the village's physical and spiritual well being. He kept the traditional methods of mixing ingredients and brewing remedies alive while adding new recipes and procedures of his own. He lived during a great time for discoveries, new herbs and chemical compounds appeared to be discovered daily. The future held so many new possibilities for those seeking alchemical knowledge that all one had to do was reach out and grab it, which he did assiduously. Yet, instead of searching for fame and glory as many other initiated did, he chose to remain in his post in the village. He found meaning there, purpose, he had a reason to use his knowledge. Many will argue if what he did was wrong or right, if he truly had reach his full potential. All I know is that he was happy, and that that was enough for him.
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So many of these characters you create are just so delightful, and shaped like friends. I love them, keep it up! <3

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If they're a medicine man, why don't they wear clothes? I can think of several medicines and diseases that could cause significant harm to the body if come into direct contact to skin. Yet outside of what looks like a single scar on their jaw, their skin seems as flawless as that of a newborn babes.

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This being feels so real and the description really makes it seems like he has been at this for as long as you can remember.

Really enjoy your work, you always are doing such a good job.:nod

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What a fantastic character.

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There's something off about a humanoid whale... A wrong evolutionary turn :p

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Now that is a man you can trust with your life

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this one looks friendly

He looks like he applied his knowledge for an AMAZING skincare routine!

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At first I thought his eyes were his nostrils and his ear was his eye and I thought ‘awwww’ then I realized x’D not so aww- but amazing as always!
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I love how so much of your creatures are ambiguously mammalian or human-like. I think it would be really cool to see your take on a dragon using that design philosophy. A big dragon-shaped critter but naked and very mammalian, maybe it was once a human, who can say!

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Hehe yeah totally :)

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