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Deafening Silence
Sitting in silence
Waiting for a sound
Some kind of sign that you are around.
Waiting in the darkness
Hoping for your light
The silence is deafening.
I just want to hear your voice
I want to know that you're okay
I want to know that we're okay
I hate the silence
It takes over me.
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 1 0
It's hard to express my thoughts into words
To put memories into verses and light up this page
It's been so long since you left my arms
And I can't seem to fill the hole in my heart.
I've got to find a way to close you off,
To switch off every thought and feeling,
I don't know where I'm going anymore
Without you in my life.
I've loved you unconditionally
I've betrayed you more than I care to admit
We've broken each others hearts over and over again
Only yours seems to be repaired.
I guess all I want to know is where I stand
Or what I ever meant to you
I refuse to admit I was a faze or a fling
But I guess I'll never really know.
There's a hole in my heart where you should be
I swear love and affection to another now
But the words are hollow and fruitless
I just can't do it without you.
I know we're over for good
I'm not stupid enough to see a second chance
You've moved on and gotten life back on track
Which you could never have done with me.
I know it means nothing to you
Or at least yo
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0
Ode to My Love
I wake each day with you on my mind,
Picturing your smile and hearing your laugh,
As your eyes look at me,
And your lips form the words,
That take me away.
My world seems incomplete without you in it,
My day doesn't start until I've said good morning to you,
My happiness almost relies on you,
You're the one who... Completes me.
I'll never understand why it was me that you chose,
With all my flaws and the mistakes I've made,
But I won't question why,
I'll smile with you by my side,
You're the reason I'm alive.
I love you truly,
My heart is yours,
I want your hand in mine,
I want you by my side,
To be my lover and my wife,
The mother of my children.
You're the greatest person I have ever known,
The most loving,
The most forgiving,
The most patient,
I'm glad I have your heart as you have mine,
I hope never to lose it.
Stay by me,
Love me unconditionally,
Make my life whole,
Promise yourself to me.
I will do the same for you.
I love you, My goddess.
I will for the rest of my life.
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Classic Look by bonecollector101 Classic Look :iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 1 0
Letter To The Woman I used to Love.
To the one I used to love;
By now I've probably left some form of mark on you in the form of all the brutal things I've written in your name, and I feel ashamed that I've written such things. I won't apologize, because there isn't any point. I was angry, I was hurt, and I hated you. Or at least, I wanted to.
These last 6 months have been the hardest I've faced in my life. In the scheme of things probably nothing. I imagine you've had it pretty breezy, with support from all your friends and family... diving into your world of Guild Wars and music. I'm happy you found your support, but I never really had any of my own.
I've faced 6 months alone. Although I have a new partner now, I've done my best not to burden her every time you've crossed my mind. I've failed a few times, but I know she's there to support me either way. Unfortunately these 6 months have been spent resenting you, everything you've become and everything you did to me. But, I know now that it wasn't fair. I have no reason
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 4
Peace, Silence, Darkness
The face of anger
The face of pain
The heart that says I won't be doing that again
The awkward silence
I can't get any peace
Quietly brewing those voices in my head
Watching you
Waiting for failure
Keeping myself afloat
Hoping you'll feel pain
Tearing down walls
Letting in the darkness
Dwelling makes it worse
Pain becomes my own.
Can't think about it anymore
Causes too much stress
I can't get it out of my head
It's buried to far down.
Can't I let it go?
Can't we see past the hatred.
Why has it consumed me
Why has it doomed me
Is this all I've become?
Have I really come undone?
I can't pick up the pieces
I can't find my peace
No matter what I do
I can't get rid of you.
You're everywhere.
The voice inside my head.
The face in my dreams.
The name I say with hatred.
The one I fear most.
Darkness consumes me
I let it.
I have no other choice
I have to.
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 1 0
There isn't enough bourbon in the world
That could drown you out of my mind
The memories and the disappointment
The times I was out of line.
As I crack another stubbie
I turn the track up louder,
I try to tell myself it's over
Euphoria washes over.
It's well established that its over
Whatever love I had is gone
It's not that I'm dwelling on a love lost
But that I had a friend that betrayed me.
You don't see it
I think it's more that you don't care
I know there's no point trying
Because you think it's all my fault.
Dwelling on the things I did wrong by you,
I guess you could say I have a lot to answer for
But you allowed yourself to become what you became
And for that I can't take responsability.
I angered you for my own cheap thrills
I snooped and I refused to trust you
But at the point that I began to change
You ended up turning the knife on me.
I still see your face
That smile I always loved
But as I look at you now
I can't see the woman that gave me life.
But it's true... you did gi
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 1 0
Suffering for others
All my friends in far off places
similar suffering, different faces
Making their lives however they choose, not knowing what they have... what they're willing to lose...
You all part of what makes me who I am.
I watch your pain, I make it mine
I swallow it up, I take that time
It becomes part of me, what makes me see
What it takes to live your life.
I hate seeing the pain, I want it gone
I would happily take it off you to see the smiles on your faces.
I want to be your heroes, I want to make you happy
Because thats the way I am.
Call me crazy, call me stupid,
But your lives are worth living... I wish I was half of what you all are...
You're worthy of so much, yet you feel you're worth none of it.
I wish you could see the potential I see.
My friends, you're the guides throughout my life
You're the reason I'm the person I am
I live my life as best I can thanks to you,
I want to pass that on.
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0
Cheeky Tree Climber by bonecollector101 Cheeky Tree Climber :iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0 Getting Them Young by bonecollector101 Getting Them Young :iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 1 1
You're the love I walked away
You're the love I walked away from
The woman I betrayed
Yet you welcomed me back despite your fears
And I'm still not sure I'm deserving
I've come close to straying again
Commiting the act I promised never to do
For that I am eternally sorry
I don't know what else to do.
For some reason I see a future with you
And that scares me too much
I've always wanted a wife and kids
But now that the option is there I can't take it.
I've been pushed around and dropped like trash before
With people I thought life would be with
I've made smarter decisions since
But I still can't seem to commit.
I hope you understand that I'm trying
I want my heart and my life to be with you
It's taking all my strength not to stray
Because I never want to see you walk away.
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0
What is Love?
What is love exactly?
I haven't truly felt it
Not its kiss nor its trust
But I dance with it more than I want to admit.
Love has always defined me
Guided me and kept me whole
But it's constantly consumed me
And left me blinded.
I've followed my heart
Many times into deceit
Finding few who are worthy
Of what I wish to commit.
Few still appreciate the loyalty
Fewer still appreciate the love I contain
The care... the attention
The guiding, the support.
Though I currently have everything I desire.
My past, my relationships constantly follow me.
I dwelll on pasts that creat a monster out of a man
That truly doesn't fit my being.
I have loved time and time again
Realising those people are wastes of time and space.
I can't support them no matter how much they beg
As what I offer isn't their idea of love.
So I ask what love is
Because I can never truly know
Though I love and am blessed with the love of another
Who's true guide may be a diety I've never trusted.
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 2 3
I'm not the most perfect person in the world
But I know you see more to me than most
I don't treat you well due to personal issues
And I'm forever grateful for your support.
You've shown me how easy it is to make mistakes
And how love can help one forgive
I never actually thought forigiveness was ever going to come from you
However I'm glad it has.
Your arms are waiting for me when I'm feeling like I've lost my world,
You become my world when I feel I have nothing else,
And when I have nothing to give you still stand beside me and offer your hand,
You prove to me there's nobody else better for me.
I hope I don't make any more mistakes with you
I hope I can count on you to be there for me for the rest of my life
I'm pretty sure I see my life with nobody else
And it's that thought that makes me happy.
I love you Mel, with all my heart.
You're the rope to my rescue when I fall into my pits of sadness
You give me light when all I feel is darkness
You're almost perfect.
I count on you
I nee
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0
Mature content
Conflict :iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0
Standing Out - Looking In
It's like standing on the outside of the world
And I'm the joker looking in
Watching everyone get what they don't deserve
And karma's gone on holiday.
But I guess I know the fault is mine
Because I'm watching everyone get theirs
And I stand around waiting for mine to come to me
But it's the way of the world.
I've watched friends and lovers all go by
If I see them again I can't look them in the eye
The people I thought I once knew
Are now complete strangers to me.
The last time I took charge of my life
I watched my life walk out the door
Stupid decisions upon stupid decisions
Just to get my 15 minutes of happiness.
Is it time yet to step up and give it a round two?
Or should I wait it out... see lf like comes to me?
Stop waiting for responses and reasons
Start finding them
Start forgetting what needs to be forgotten
Take charge of my life
Do what it takes to bring ME back to cloud 9.
:iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0
Mature content
Cancer :iconbonecollector101:bonecollector101 0 0


Romanric by NinaClose Romanric :iconninaclose:NinaClose 2 0
To someone I have just met
She wears a fake smile
To distract you from the history in her eyes.
A laugh made with concious effort
Is how she enters a conversation.
Yet we do not judge her,
Because we have accepted her friendship without question.
She wears her battle scars without shame,
Out in the open without a care in the world
And we cannot understand how such a care free spirit
Can exist in in such a tortured body.
But we love her,
Even though we have just met her,
And will do anything we can,
To make sure there are no more notches on those arms.
:iconpuddha1988:Puddha1988 7 9
Zoom-zoom by MildlyReactive Zoom-zoom :iconmildlyreactive:MildlyReactive 7 2 Willow 4 by Spunkii Willow 4 :iconspunkii:Spunkii 8 3 Long exposure in Paris 001 by ekion Long exposure in Paris 001 :iconekion:ekion 5 2 The Young and the Small by eccentricphotography The Young and the Small :iconeccentricphotography:eccentricphotography 3 0 Twisted and Turned by Spunkii Twisted and Turned :iconspunkii:Spunkii 9 0 Hong Kong Panorama by amipal Hong Kong Panorama :iconamipal:amipal 35 6 Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament by Spunkii Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament :iconspunkii:Spunkii 37 11 Joey by DeejayMD Joey :icondeejaymd:DeejayMD 5 2 Running out of time by Spunkii Running out of time :iconspunkii:Spunkii 38 14
Keep this promise
Do me a favor; don’t forget the time that we spent
It won’t last forever; I’m sure that one day we’ll meet again
Because we’re truly not far apart, it might as well be the start
And I know it seems a bit rough, just remember to not lose your heart
Because I’ll keep my faith in you, as long as you stay true
And don’t lose your faith in me, your friends barely know me
So don’t you ever worry, because one day we’ll start our story
Filling the blanks that we left open, keeping us from feeling lonely
:icongentlepeace:GentlePeace 70 41
HUGGING: An Illustrated Guide by AnthonyHolden HUGGING: An Illustrated Guide :iconanthonyholden:AnthonyHolden 955 140 Riot Arms Commission #1: Tomb Raider 2013 m1911 by newti Riot Arms Commission #1: Tomb Raider 2013 m1911 :iconnewti:newti 62 10 first date by lemon5ky first date :iconlemon5ky:lemon5ky 1,554 90 Apariencias by ryuai Apariencias :iconryuai:ryuai 3 6
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"We are the director's of our lives, at times we step out from the crowd, all the other directors... and we become unique. We control the focus, the zoom... the balance. We see only what we want. Every scene is predictable, but still manages to surprise us.

Our life is our masterpiece... and once we've made it, we're complete"

Something I once said, which I believe helps me understand who I am as a person.


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