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I'll teach her a little a little "dance routine", show her the ropes! :devilish:

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Random question, why's this got a gid tag?

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Cus of copy paste and haste lol

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Oof lol. I like that

Great idea! I always love Kitty in bondage! For whatever reason, she's such a delightful subject for it! I think because she's such a brat sometimes, and always acts like she knows better than other people. So seeing other girls tie her up is always grand :) .

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Thanks! Glad you enjoy :)

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"What's wrong, darling? Can't phase through your bonds?" Kitty would know that voice anywhere, either in person or in her mind: that arrogant British accent. "You see, love, I've been practicing lately, and I've figured out a new trick: not only can I control people's minds, but I can do so from a long distance away." Kitty Pryde struggled in vain to free herself. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Hundreds of miles away, Emma Frost smirked. "Darling, it's not your head you should be worrying about." Twisting her neck around as best she could, Kitty saw X-23 enter the room, and her veins turned to ice water. "Dear girl, you needn't be so frightened. I'm not a barbarian, you know." The fabric of Kitty Pryde,s costume was tough, but no match for X-23's claws. Soon Kitty was naked from the waist down, her legs held apart by a spreader bar. "That's quite a lovely bum, you have there, darling. You've filled out nicely over the years. I can remember when you were just a skinny thirteen year old. And Kitty shaves her kitty. Who knew?" Kitty's face turned red as X-23 knelt down and began sniffing her privates. "Did you like that, my dear? I think Psylocke might be be just a wee bit kinky, but I can't get inside her mind. There, that's it. Isn't it just lovely, the way she struggles?" X-23 was licking Kitty's pussy. "So, Shadowcat, are you just a wee bit anal? Does Peter Rasputin ever play with your bottom? Do you want him to? Why am I even asking myself this? Silly me; I'm a telepath." X-23 pulled Kitty's asscheeks apart, and began to lick her asshole. "A forbidden pleasure to many, love, but I can tell you like it. Now, X-23, I want you to go deep, as the Yanks say. Bury your tongue deep into her pretty little bumhole..."

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Nice! Very hot!

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i think she has to hold her breath to use her powers

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Great work. Considering that KP has probably never before in her life been truly stuck anywhere, she's probably having trouble fully understanding her predicament. I bet that she never imagined she'd end up in such a situation. Hopefully she'll soon learn to enjoy it! :)
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Thanks. She'd better learn to enjoy it :D
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A  very sweet job my riend
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you are very welcome my friend
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Would love to have that conversation with Kitty!

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