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haha nice aya brea bondage

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Does she escape?

Yes / No

hot picture like to see someone groped that boobs

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She way too hot to escape. lol.
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love the visual story this tells, kind of goes a extra foot or two too give you an idea just what she is thinking right now
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Okay I know most people are here for the bondage, which I am too, but I think wee all have to agree that this art is beautiful 10/10
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No problem!
Keep up the good work and keep posting! xx
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Ah good, more Aya Brea DID :)
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Glad it makes you happy :D
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Yass, so good to see her! Nice work 💜 
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Wow great job! She looks like the type to not be put down by something like this.
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Aya the NYPD detective wasn't the type to be kept down. Aya the MIST monster hunter wasn't. Aya the CTI psych-diver...wasn't quite her old self. She'd probably have folded like a wet noodle instead of escaping, as depicted here. Interesting character dissonance, to see the old mentality in the new setting.

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Beautiful work
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I didn't notice the thigh ropes the first time. That would be a challenge :)

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We need a good challenge!
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