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Toko render 001

Touko Render^^
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I understand the temptation of wanting to steal art,
cause you wanna be really fucking good cause you admire artists.
You seem to like anime too- it's cute I get it.
Attention is nice too sometimes but.
It's really hurtful to steal people's hardwork.
So could you maybe take this down and put your own stuff up?
Referencing is okay too. I did that a lot when I was a kid. I even traced.
But I'm pretty okay at it now so I can on my own.
And I find I'm a lot happier with it now.
You should try to let go of your art crutches and go freehand!
c: You'll be able to draw even better than this someday.
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youre so tender about art thefts, i love it
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I think people respond better to this.
I love you. >w>
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do u remember recess?
because i do.
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LOL, that was random but yes.
Yes I do. I loved it. *Hug*
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Chicken wings.
We should stop chatting
on this persons stuff.
olivefoss's avatar
shall we or shant we
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Love it! Bought it. I'm sure I'll love it!
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stolen, this bonciec person stole it and horribly edited it. [link]
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This is very pretty. I love the fade of the colors over the drawing, giving it that "glow". Also the eyes are amazingly done. Keep arting!
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Actually, this artpiece was stolen from here: [link]
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