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[Verse 1] Triplets born The throne awaits A seer warns Of a deadly fate Give up your children Seperate Bide your time Lie in wait [Chor...

This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no way you can convince me this is no...


Sheldon (Playable Fighter) by BunnyBoy1337 Sheldon (Playable Fighter) :iconbunnyboy1337:BunnyBoy1337 4 3
Knuckles Doesn't Chuckle With DEATH BATTLE!

Knuckles the Echidna
AKA: Knuckle; Knucklehead; Dread; Mister Guardian; Knuckie; Red Mutt; World's Greatest Treasure Hunter
Age: 16
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 88lbs
First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

-Successfully led Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails into multiple traps on Angel Island
-Matched both Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog in combat
-Assisted in taking down the Metal Overlord
-Defeated Super Mecha Sonic by himself in his base form
-Assisted in foiling Doctor Eggman's plans on multiple occasions
-Assisted in fighting off the invasion of the Black Arms
-Made it to the finals in both the Sonic X Tournament and Breezie's Tournament
-Assisted in taking down Lyric
-Shattered an asteroid with a single punch
-Took down most of the Eggman Fleet with Sonic and Tails
-Fought on par with Team Dark and Team Rose
-Assisted in taking down the combined forces of Eggman an
:iconstrunton:Strunton 45 71
rockmang (How stronk is Mega Man?)

Before I begin-
1. This was initially meant for only a friend of mine who wanted information for an article. I spent a good hour or two or three on this.
2. This scales to people like Bass, Proto Man, and the Wily Machines.
 -Freezing hax: Nearly all of Mega Man's ice-based weapons freeze at absolute zero temperatures, which is the coldest anything can get. It can potentially bypass durability.
 -Transmutation hax: Although the Freezing hax is similar to this in some aspects, the Concrete Shot can turn pretty much anything into solid concrete, even Black Holes.
 -Pyrokinesis: The Fire Storm and Atomic Fire, both of which are some of Mega Man's most well-known weapons, have temperatures so high, they actually rival the Sun. While the Fire Storm is hotter, closing in at almost seven-thousand degrees Fahrenheit, the Atomic Fire is not far behind, closing in at three-thousand degrees. Memory serves that
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 7 19
Is This Battletoads? by MichaelMayne Is This Battletoads? :iconmichaelmayne:MichaelMayne 602 49 Smashified - GRAND DAD by MarkProductions Smashified - GRAND DAD :iconmarkproductions:MarkProductions 524 231 First Knight of the Chozo Order by Robaato First Knight of the Chozo Order :iconrobaato:Robaato 5,281 206 Samus -  Badass Bounty Hunter by TronixGFX Samus - Badass Bounty Hunter :icontronixgfx:TronixGFX 2,044 116 Samus and Pharah by oh8 Samus and Pharah :iconoh8:oh8 2,476 74 Splash woman fan made figure by Gregarlink10 Splash woman fan made figure :icongregarlink10:Gregarlink10 150 7 Mario Bros. VS Wright Bros. by SemajZ Mario Bros. VS Wright Bros. :iconsemajz:SemajZ 412 81 The Joker by sullen-skrewt The Joker :iconsullen-skrewt:sullen-skrewt 3,076 341 Legend of Snake by PatrickBrown Legend of Snake :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 1,662 144
SiIvaGunner uploads a high quality DEATH BATTLE!

Names: SiIvaGunner/GiIvaSunner
Gender: None, they're actually a hivemind.
Occupation: YouTuber, Uploading high quality video game rips.
Origin: Unknown.

Powers, Abilities & Equipment
High Quality Video Game Rips
-SiIva's main ability. It allows him to upload music rips from any video game, and give them a "personal quality touch".
-SiIva can draw power from a variety of 2,610 rips (as of the creation of this bio).
-In some cases, he can summon certain beings from his rips to aid him in battle, sort of like Pokémon.

Grand Dad
-Origin: Super Mario 7 (Bootleg hack of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy)
-Also known as Fortran in some groups.
-The signature character from the SiIvaGunner brand.
-Leader of the Holy SiIvaGunner Trinity.

:iconnocturnbros:NocturnBros 32 38
Down the Mountain Stream by fighterkirby12 Down the Mountain Stream :iconfighterkirby12:fighterkirby12 115 18 Hungry Hungry Koopas by kodykoala Hungry Hungry Koopas :iconkodykoala:kodykoala 79 15 Grand Ma and Grand Dad by UltimateStudios Grand Ma and Grand Dad :iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 175 48



Joker vs Sweet Tooth render 2 by BonBooker
Oh goodie, it's been a while since I've done one of these haven't we? Last time we did it with my new least favourite episode, and now we're doing it with my new favourite episode. The circus is in town, and you'd want to get as far away from it as possible.

I got to see this fight early thanks to a true busta over at the DBF wiki. And when I first saw it, I immediately fell in love with it (much homo) The analysis were funny yet creepy. The choice of music really suited the fight, the fight was greatly animated with various interesting scenes. However, I feel as if this is Dante vs. Bayonetta on a lesser scale, while I don't full on disagree with it, I disagree with the reasoning to it. Sweet Tooth would have to inhale the Joker Venom and even then, I heard somewhere that the Joker Gas is flammable, and look at Needles' head, fucking look at it. 

There's also the fact the Sweet Bot didn't get much screen time, only to make a predictable fight cop-out (as soon as Sweet Tooth got out of the truck, it was obvious Joker was going in with the Joker venom). Another problem that I didn't even notice till seeing until seeing :iconunserious-sam:'s review on it. The fight felt far more focused on Joker. I honestly disagree since he got the truck.

But enough rambling, THIS SHIT WAS HYPE YO. Honestly, I felt people saying Season 3 being terrible is hilariously wrong. Hell, I think I even said it back in my Bow-chicka-wow-wow-ser vs. Ganondork review. Sure they were both wrong and Bowser vs. Ganon was piss poor in general, but Dante vs. Bayonetta was brilliantly animated and we've gotten 3, awesome fights since. Overall, this episode get's 9.5 out of me.

Oh, and for the next time.


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Any matches you're interested in?
BonBooker Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Apart from Jojo vs. Guts and He-Man vs. Terry Crews, not really, and since they're taken, eh.

Would take Ryuko vs. Ichigo but I know very little about the characters and their sauce material. 
goldsilverbronzekid Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Student Artist
BonBooker Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016
I think it's pretty dope. The concept of two characters in a ship fighting on Glooms/Valentines' Day is actually pretty unique, and since Peridot is best SU character from what I've seen, Force Awakens was pretty good, and JOJO MANG, I'm pretty hyped. 
goldsilverbronzekid Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Student Artist

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