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Tour around the stables



Bullet; RedHorses: SG Cursed Sun  SG Viva Autumn

Well then, I made this small illustration right after my custom Zlesdins arrived! I could not help but make this a bit cartoony tho.
On the other hand I finally have a chance to put in some interactions with characters. The fella over here is.
Bullet; RedName : Ellis
Bullet; RedSurname : Winchester (is related to the owner of Spring Gate)
Bullet; RedAge : 19 Years
Bullet; RedProfession : veterinary student (first year)
(I won't say much about the personality now, in later pictures i will just show it xD)

Now to put it simple, my excitement about the new horses was huge. Having Spring gate already owning five horses, it was time to get some more hooves here!
As the idea to make the new comers feel more at home, there was a bit of a tour around the stables and paddocks. 
The mare, now known as Viva Autumn seemed to be feeling quite at home very fast, the stall happen to be quite big as the family business was much more into draft horses. Spring gate has a history of breeding Belgian horses and shires but was shut down due to money problems of the previous owner. Spring gate put up for sale but it didn't have much interest for a very long time. Bought after 5 years by the Winchester family as they moved nearby. Horses were always a huge interest around the family and actually buying a place like this was, a dream come true.

The first horse that actually was brought to the stables was a slim mare, KHs Athena Ivory. Giving the farm a new life, the family started bringing new horses. As well going back to the origin of Spring gate itself. Going draft. The owner had a love for travels and did come across a very unusual breed. The Lili'sicans. Huge and proud draft horses, as well still rare ones around Tibet. Four unrelated horses of that breed were brought in and now having new company of the Autumn and Sir Tan. 

When it comes to social interactions those two breeds are very different to each other but have one trait that they share. Acting like royalty in many cases. It will take some time till the new pair will settle in and know the people. It will be a bussy place soon, very busy.
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This is a unique picture, as it is a fusion of both photograph and drawing which is another issue of the greatest most effective part is the downfall and anticlimactic part too. from first glance I was about to congratulate on the amazing ability to draw ultra realistic scenes but it is indeed just a photograph of stables.
The 'drawing' done here is average levels of skill with some areas looking a bit flat for instance the boots of the man are mostly one colour as oppose to many shades of black and brown to bring out the crease where the foot bends.
Besides these flat sections the overall feel of the image is warm and cosy, inviting so to speak as the title is a tour. even though the drawing is less real and flat it does bring out some quite funny personifications in the horses much like a cartoon character. the way the horse on the right is smiling and the other scolding back at it is great material for a story.
so this piece is average drawing but very warm and delighful but the photograph background is something to have a think about, I would like to see more to experiment with this photo concept and truly make up my mind