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SVI Schooling Show - Vaulting / Dec



Event : SVI Schooling Show - Nov. JUDGED : Dec. OPEN
Horse : RD's The Bell Witch (debut)
Rider : Clover Winchester
Stable : Red-Dragon-Stables 
Class : Vaulting
Ref :…
Background ref :…… (cos am shit in perspective and blurring is the best option) ; u ;


Everyday training with the white horses, this girl sure had a love for her pale mare, stallion and another stallion all dominant whites. All might be the same, or very similar in looks but when it comes to skills they are different beings.
The mare starting for this show happens to be skittish, she is scared of any complicated movement as she tends to trip over her own legs. Dressage is the enemy and she knows it, that's why Bell Witch was chosen to be a vaulting horse, simple movement for her. While Clover performs everything else, she loves ballet so vaulting came in naturally. 

As a team those two seem to be flying, not just doing some simple tricks such as balancing... 
Her usual audience is her father, mother sometimes big bro making some jokes. Tho if he would be asked to do anything like that he would end up with a broken neck in the best scenario. 

Recently having a bigger audience with other members from Red-Dragon as well some people coming over straight from Italy~

178 words, as well i know it's short i didn't have an idea about the story xD


1 Place~
Schooling EX by MistyofSunrise Schooling 1st by MistyofSunrise

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Carmine- 0^0 =^=

XD savi probably hit him for getting jelly