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Bulletroyal Supreme Zlesdin
Rank : Shendik Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!
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Name: AR Phantom of the Opera
Call Name : Phantom, Poto
ID: ZS0147
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Zlesdin 
Age: 11 years
Height: 1.74 m 
Color: Seal Bay Rabicano (Flaxen Carrier)
Genotype: EE/Ata/nRb/nf
Discipline : Eventing, Endurance, Halter, Liberty

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Bred at a prestigious farm, later sold to the same stable that AR Town Crier used to be at. Due to the bankruptcy of the place he was sold off for a much lower price then his original breeders would want him to go for. Even with all these dramatic events going on, Poto still has quite a personality.

This stallion is VERY flashy, his movements are always dramatically exaggerated, his whole deal is to make a lasting impression on everyone. Poto is very talented in dressage and show jumping though he isn't the fan of dirty/muddy tracks in cross-country.

This stallion gets quite upset when he's cooped up for too long, gets bored easily and he happens to love the change in his environment. No anxiety during travels with him, it's a higher chance for him to feel down if he's stuck at the same place for too long.

Bulletroyal Quirks/Other info:
• Thanks to selective breeding his mane/tail grow out very quickly, the longest mane length he achieved was somewhere between his elbow and foreleg. This trait will pass to foals.
• Attention seeker will get agitated if he's alone for too long.
• People pleaser will look out for his rider and strive to do his best.
• Horny, he has to be kept away from mares or he will do what a stud likes to do. He also has a tendency to jump the fence if he smells a mare.
• Easily exitable/amused, rarely spooks but will get distracted with new curiosities.

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Status: OPEN - Breeding Rules
Price: 100Points or 1 full body training image + a breeding image.
Restrictions: Pure Zlesdin OR accepted breeds by the group. (Akhal-teke etc)
    1: Zarattaja to DRM Principessa del crepuscolo Bullet; Black Balthazar
    2: DangerOwl to Devil's Adversary Bullet; Black Lady Phantasma
    3: CaptainMaddi to VH Royal Cut Bullet; Black Foal
    4: blackoaks to  Bullet; Black Foal
    5: Blackhawk-Estate to AR Luciana O'Mara Bullet; Black [x]
    6: EdaArtz to RAs Lady of the mist (ZM0559) Bullet; Black DHEC Lady Nightingale's Music
    7: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal
    8: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal
    9: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal (mine)
    10: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal (mine)

* Bold Face and leg markings, tends to pass them without any paint genes present!

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------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown 
----------------- SS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown 
Sire: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown 
----------------- SD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown 
Dam: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

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