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AR Town Crier



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Bulletroyal Supreme Zlesdin
Rank : Shendik Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!
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Name: AR Town Crier
Call Name : Crier
ID: ZS0179
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Zlesdin 
Age: 7 years
Height: 1.72 m 
Color: Gray on Chestnut Sabino (Flaxen Carrier)
Genotype: ee/aa/nSb/nG/nf
Discipline : Dressage (Prix Saint George Level), Liberty, Halter, Endurance.

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His name should be self-explanatory, named after a man yelling out the news with a bell. He takes a lot after his father when it comes to his noisy behaviour which can be a mix of excitement, nerves or simply showing off. Crier was born in a small stable in china that eventually bankrupted, since then he changed owners many times. This means that travelling doesn't really have too much of an effect on him though adjusting to a new place tends to give him anxiety as he fears he soon will just move somewhere else.
He's a bit of a nervous stud overall but a very sweet and caring one, he's very sensitive to any cue's especially around the mouth area (needs gentle hands).

Bulletroyal Quirks/Other info:
• Whenever stressed he flares up his nostrils and breaths loudly (like very loudly, think of a motorbike kind of SNIFF)
• Very sweet towards people and mares, he's actually allowed to be around mares with foals. Some stable hands call him "Nanny Crier" for jokes.
• Clingy, gets upset if he doesn't get his daily dose of back rubs and affection.
• His mane and tail are sometimes dyed to keep the flame-red look. If left unattended to grow out, his hair will be visibly light coloured (similar to body)
• No roaching of the mane, as fabulous as he'd look like with that he spent a lot of time with non-zlesdins meaning no mane is weird. He simply becomes more anxious and distracted.

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Status: OPEN - Breeding Rules
Price: 100Points or 1 full body training image + a breeding image.
Restrictions: Pure Zlesdin OR accepted breeds by the group. (Akhal-teke etc)
    1: Lonelyfries to RAs Lady of the mist  Bullet; Black [x]
    2: Acetoma to Soleli Acetoma Bullet; Black The Sirens Song
    3: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal
    4: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal
    5: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal
    6: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal (mine)
    7: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal (mine)
    8: @ to X Bullet; Black Foal (mine)

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------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown 
----------------- SS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown 
Sire: ZS Sagadir
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown 
----------------- SD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown 
Dam: RD's Viva Autumn
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

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Townyyyyy :iconilavplz:

Maaann he looks so gorgeous! UNF what a beast :love: