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Creating Nina

Wed Nov 14, 2018, 2:01 PM


Thu Mar 8, 2018, 1:05 PM

Sea Dragon

Sun Sep 3, 2017, 8:05 AM


Mon Jun 5, 2017, 11:00 AM
I"ve been repainting this guy in LIVE sessions on my twitch channel. Come check it out:

Mother's Day!

Sun May 7, 2017, 6:52 PM
It's coming up really soon... oh what to do? I know! I'll paint her a picture. She loves bees!

Bees in Watercolor - Mother's Day Painting by bonbon3272

More Music

Thu Jan 26, 2017, 8:36 AM
"Beyond the Desert" is a companion piece and very experimental music to some of the characters and conceptional ideas I come up with toward future books. Enjoy!

New Music

Sun Jan 8, 2017, 6:48 AM
Last Dance Remastered by bonbon3272

Wisdom Novels® music is out! Though only one song, it's a start. The song "Smooth Sailing" is available through Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, Spotify & others. Listen for free:

New Music

Mon Oct 17, 2016, 9:41 AM
Smooth Sailing - Music by bonbon3272

Wisdom Novels® music is out! Though only one song, it's a start. The song "Smooth Sailing" is available through Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, Spotify & others. Listen for free:…


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Thu Jul 14, 2016, 9:17 AM

For Sale

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 12:54 PM
I'm selling these art supplies. If interested, please check my Etsy site:…

These came to me in a monthly art subscription called Sketchbox. The green Liquid Acrylic is new. The others arrived last month. I am not planning on using them in the future, so I thought someone else could. 

What is included: 

1) Shimmery Green - Liquid Acrylic: comes in ink bottle with eye dropper. 
2) Calli - calligraphy black ink (slightly used)
3) Simply Simmons #4 paint brush (slightly used)
4) Krink - a black acrylic paint stick (slightly tested, so the tip isn't at a point)

I'm selling them for $10 plus shipping.


Sun Apr 3, 2016, 6:08 PM

This was an inked piece using Sketchbox materials for the month of April. I also included watercolors to test out my new water brushes, as well as give it some more color variations than what came with my art subscription.

I am using the Premium Sketchbox Subscription:


Thu Mar 24, 2016, 4:45 PM
I started writing "Wisdom" back in 2000. Eight revisions later, I realized I had a trilogy going for me. By 2015, I had completed the third novel, published everything, and was steadily working on a second trilogy. At the time, Wisdom Novels® was becoming a standard name to call the series. So after some thought about getting it trademarked, I submitted a request to have it done and waited about a year before it was officially approved. 

So welcome to Wisdom Novels® Patreon!

My main objective is to just finish the series. I have seven books in mind. The first six will comprise of two trilogies, while the seventh is a stand-alone. During the course of writing, I'll be continuously sketching, painting, sculpting and creating music. All of which you guys will get to see as I share spoilers and much, much more!

Hope you enjoy!

Patreon by bonbon3272

Ch.2 Entro

Sat Jan 9, 2016, 7:01 AM
This is from the current novel I'm writing "No'va" Book One of Red Moon Rising Trilogy. It continues as a fourth book in the Wisdom Novels® series, and starts this chapter off with Thomas Gracie. 

Brief Summary: Four companions break away from their strict society, taking families and friends with them to start their own way of life. It's in the middle of winter, and two of the companions have gone off to explore a cave to see if it'll provide shelter from the blizzard.


CHAPTER 2 - Opening Scene

There was no telling how far into the mountains the tunnel went. With a single lantern, all Thomas Gracie could see was a small amount of light passing over gray stone wall. He was careful where he stepped, as the cavern floor was uneven. Stalagmites littered where water had contorted the stone with mineral deposits over time. Some were fairly large spikes, which Thomas Gracie picked his way around. He dipped to his left, avoiding a low-hanging stalactite. Another nearly caught his shoulder.

It must have leaked through this part. He hunched low to keep from smacking a whole family of them. Wonder how Jenario’s fairing?

He had to laugh, then listened to the echoes of his solitary musings fade down the tunnel. It was too easy to imagine the young man smacking into one of these long rock formations, though he hoped no injuries occurred in the frigid weather. Nickademis already had his hands full back at camp. Adding one of the four leaders would only dishearten the group from a survival perspective.

Gradually, the tunnel curved to his right. He was almost positive it connected to the one Jenario had gone down. A few others branched off here and there, but nothing that contained questionable sounds other than his own echoing movements.

“Jenario! Can you hear me?” He thought it odd no echoes could be heard anywhere else. A little farther down he called again. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this doesn’t connect. But if that’s the case, then where does it lead? It has to be parallel to Jenario’s!

As if to answer his question, the lantern’s light finally revealed a dead end. To his left, a smaller opening continued with the possibility of connecting to his friend.

With a sigh, he contemplated turning back. Having told Jenario not to veer from the main tunnel, Thomas Gracie was not about to chance his own luck. Other than watching his step, he had proven the cave empty – at least on his side, and he hoped Jenario’s was same. The thought of bringing in the group deemed safer by the minute.

Even if the air is still cold, at least we’ll be out of the wind.

About to turn back, a hint of blue caught his eye. It was a faint glow that illuminated the side tunnel entrance, so low in fact that his own light source had overpowered it. But once he turned away, the glow remained. Curious, kept the lantern behind him to better see.

Jenario doesn't have any such light. Should I..? He peered into the opening.

There was something traced into the wall. The etchings themselves cast a faint aura that flickered along the mark like a slow pulse. Intrigued to its meaning, Thomas Gracie decided to take a chance. He stepped through the opening.

As soon as his foot touched the inside floor, more symbols lit up as though activated by his mere presence. Not one, but four of these marks, lined side by side down the wall. Thomas Gracie just stared in stunned silence. He finally stepped close to the first one and watched while the blue light faded away. It was hard to see anything once the color dimmed, but he swore the symbol looked like waves of water.

He stepped to the second. This one revealed a fiery crimson that reminded him of Shafari’s attempt at spell-casting, and he wondered if the two were related. The mark’s shape resembled something like fire before it too dimmed.

The third was harder to identify. Its fading color had been a light teal tracing several swirls winding into the stone. It reminded him of a drawing Jenario’s son had scribbled out one day. The simple forms of clouds swirling onto the top part of the paper slightly matched the etching.

Maybe it represents the sky? Unsure, he moved to the last mark. It was the easiest to recognize, being the shape of a leaf. Like all the rest, its green lighting faded until Thomas Gracie had to raise his own lantern again to see in front of him. Someone had to have made these, but for what purpose? What does a leaf, a cloud, fire and water have do with anything?

The tap of toenails over stone floor echoed from the tunnel he had just been in. Frozen in place, Thomas Gracie held the light steady as the tapping drew near. When a low growl penetrated the silence, he knew a hungry wolf was about to enter.

He started to back away, his light no longer able to reach the spot where he was sure the wolf’s head had appeared. Now only two glowing orbs of white reflected from what little light reached them, but it was enough to make Thomas Gracie turn on his heels and run. Armed only with a lantern, as the council prohibited weapons, his only defense was to flee.

Why didn’t I think to grab something from one of the Trappers? As a master huntsman, A Trapper was granted this title if the council approved their successful hunts. There was only one in the group, as the rest had been too proud to consider leaving the city. It was these the council had promoted to guard duty, and probably were the same tasked with eliminating those off Jenario’s list.

Thomas Gracie did not hear anything advancing after him. His steps, however, did not slow. He wanted to find Jenario and hoped he was on a connecting path. As he ran, the same four symbols lit his way, dimming when he approached and flaring up again when he had passed. The interest in them had vanished, replaced now by a rising fear that something may have happened to his friend.

“Jen—” His call was cut short when his foot tripped on a stalagmite. The lantern went flying, and so did he. All he could hear was shattering glass and the echoes of his own painful yelps when his arm scraped against jagged floor.

He lay still, waiting for the tunnel’s returning mimic to calm itself.

Sample Chapter

Mon Dec 14, 2015, 5:54 PM

The story follows Jenario Onyx’s POV as they flee their corrupted city into a snowstorm. I’m really enjoying the frigid descriptions because I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. I hope I hit home by showing how cold it is and how well Jenario takes to freezing weather.


It was easy to lose track of time, especially when everything looked the same. Snow blanketed the earth so deep that Jenario had to carry his small son at times. He worried about the cold getting to him, for every now and then his little body shook in a coughing fit.
Hours turned into days as the group continued to follow Thomas Gracie and Shafari’s guiding light he managed to conjure when nighttime fell. When they finally stopped to set up camp, Nickademis made sure to go around to each family to assess their health. Several had already taken ill in the severe weather, and it was only getting worse.
Jenario was glad Nicholas was around to help pitch the tents. He wanted his family away from the wind as soon as possible, but it was taking longer due to the deep snow. They dug out as much as their numb fingers would allow before nailing long stakes into the hard ground. When they were done securing shelter, Nicholas started toward another family who was struggling to pitch theirs.
“You’ll be all right, Nicholas?” Jenario called after the teen, who replied with a single nod.
After making sure his family was safely inside, Jenario checked a couple of sacks only to discover a low food supply. Wondering how others were fairing, he made his way out in the blustery wind to find Thomas Gracie.
“I’ll be back,” he promised before securing the tent flap once outside. A suddengust nearly stole his breath, and he staggered back in surprise. 
Holding both sides of his hood, Jenario fought against the wind to locate their leader’s tent. The snow was blinding, often blowing in his eyes with no way to rub out the sting. He flexed his fingers, trying to keep them from cramping up inside his wet gloves. They were not made for this type of weather as he buried them instead beneath his wool cloak. With nothing to keep his hood secure, it blew back in the storm’s fury. Head bowed, Jenario plowed forward.

I never thought I would take an intetest in sculpting faces. Now I can't stop! When I started having a lot of back trouble while drawing at the computer,  I decided to take a break and try something different.  While I love the ball-jointed doll community,  some are quite expensive.   So after a few tries and youtube tutorials I got into making my own. You can see the difference in the rwo face attempts. The left one is most recent.  I have high hopes for him, as he's based off an OC from the Wisdom Novels series.  
embedded_item1449941487374 by bonbon3272

Book Signing

Sat Aug 1, 2015, 7:30 PM
Wisdom Novels® returns with an entire trilogy this time. More Details to follow, as we're still planning. I'm considering a free giveaway. There'll be artwork, bookmarks, etc. And if you're not into reading, there's plenty of other good stuff to look at in the store.

A big THANK YOU goes to Joel who operates the antique store, and is sparing floor space for me to set up. Thank you!

There may also be a special visitor coming. It's not confirmed yet, but I'm hoping to get the talented Stephen Planalp who voice-acted the audio book to make an appearance.

Want to come?
Check out updates on Facebook Event Page:…

Buckingham Antique Mall
13150 Midlothian Tpke, Midlothian, Virginia 23113

Saturday, November 21 - 11:30am - 2:30pm

For those of you in the Richmod area, I'll be doing a book signing November 21, 2015 (Saturday) at the Buckinham Antique Store on Midlothian turnpike.  I'll post more on my website as it gets closer. I'll be doing a free giveaway, will have book three out, as well as guest from Indiana,  Stephen Planalp. This talented actor voiced my first audio book.

The event is from 11:30am - 2:30pm

Latest Art

Sun Jan 11, 2015, 7:35 AM
Prophet WIP by bonbon3272

Chapter Snippet

Wisdom dipped his head in preparation for what was sure to come. Beneath him, he could see the shadow of Osha's horn perched upon his own forehead. The transformation to unicorn should have taken his kind by surprise. No Lo-ans'rel took the form of Nature's legendary chosen. Yet his people were so obsessed with their task that little else mattered. 

The bear's gaping jaws let out a roar in a sign of charge. Without hesitation, Healers burst through the projected flames, unafraid. 

With a toss of mane, Wisdom reared and let out a high-pitched whinny. On cue, the Simpleton's dropped the shield disguising Alexander's readied troops. With heated weapons and heavy armor, it was their only defense against the nimble Healers. All too soon, the humans were being pushed back. 

Neither prince nor his father were without quick gashes along the flank. Already, ribbons of crimson contrasted against alabaster fur, and a throbbing reminder to reconsider his next moves. Although his father was not known for boisterous transformations, the bear certainly made for a challenge. A bold kick with a cloven hoof left a good impression across his father's left shoulder, and soon both were back to circling each other. Atop his forehead, Wisdom could feel the horn pulsating to the throbbing pain along his side. When it slightly lessened, a quick glance confirmed his wounds healed. 

THANK YOU, he thought. With the ground burnt, there was little else he could use for healing. At least, Osha allowed temporarily relief. And yet he had taken a form with a weapon he was forbidden to use. Several attempts to swipe at his father using the horn suddenly found his course diverted. At each try, the horn veered away. I GET IT. NO USING THE HORN.

IT IS ONLY A VESSEL TO THE SOUL, a tender thought lingered amidst the shouts of battle surrounding them. 

Though Wisdom dared not break eye contact with his father, he managed to spare a mental probe to the whereabouts of Alexander and his men. The forrest warrior was able to handle himself well against the few Healers who got past first defense. However, the prince became alarmed to learn their cooling armor was not being replaced fast enough. Although Alexander did his best to get what the men needed, they were swiftly falling prey to the various shifted forms or solid sword thrusts. The dance of magic sprang into Healers' movements, making it nearly impossible to keep up.

There came a sudden shout,"Incoming!" before one of Lorens' sons tossed a newly heated bucket of hot embers into the fray. Healers scattered at the oncoming rain of pain. Those with shields raised them quickly to secure their own safety. The pause of battle allowed Peter Schevolsky to quickly dart through the crowd to exchange weapons. For ones further across the field, Ertho and a few others sprang to the sky for delivery. 

"Watch it!" The brief warning was all the harpy needed to avoid two Healers shifting after him. In a swift barral-roll, he let the weapons drop where soldiers waited in order to shake off his two assailants. Two golden eagles went down when the large wings of the harpy swapped them both over the heads. 

Wisdom grinned inwardly. Thus far, only he or his brother could mix animal shifts to produce anything larger for flight. The eagles were the best his kind could do. The bear, on the other hand, was a whole different matter, and it was right back to kick and dash from a countering blow. Blood splattered across his father's face, one eye swollen shut after a direct hit.

Something struck Chronicles' hide. With a grunt of pain, a flash of silver eye turned to a gold-striped dagger dangling from his fur. 

In an instant, Wisdom knew whom had thrown it and sought Ashpin through the crowd. Before he could locate him, though, Chronicles charged through the ranks with an agitated roar. Men went down with little effort. A paw swipe flung several aside like swatting flies.