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Fun House WIP


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Attacking the Dream Emulator


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Roller Coaster Animation Test


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Fun House WIP


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Vlanders Concept Sketch


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Koi in Watercolor2


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Attacking the Dream Emulator


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Master Maru


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Painting Meriona


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Character Model - Wisdom

Custom Dolls

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Art of Chihuly


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Witcher Swamp Commission


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Nina - Page 20

Nina ComixART

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Fun House WIP

Work In Progress

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Time Keeper - Chapter 1

Thunder shook the many shelves surrounding the workshop table, many of which were cluttered with woodworking tools and newspaper clippings. A preserved bird skeleton jittered on a high shelf and threatened to collapse. Flasks and bottles clinked together. Tucked into the nest of his collectables, a man sat hunched over the small wooden table. The commotion was but a fragment of disgrace to his tedious work. A turn of a screwdriver; a tap of hammer; he laid out his tools and paused just a moment to adjust his spectacles beneath hushpuppy eyebrows, then turned his creation over to test its clockwork interior. A tap of his finger started the pe

Time Keeper Novel

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SOUL-SHIFTER ©2009 Bonnie Watson PROLOGUE Six stories up and the only thing between me and escape was a gap in between rooftops. Six minutes ago I thought I had lost her. Six hours ago I had been at a coffee shop wondering whether to tell my parents the truth. Being pregnant would have been a better story and possibly had a happier ending. Quite the opposite now as I scanned along the narrow ledge for an escape ladder, steps, anything! There should have been a streetlamp below. Now the alley was as dark as the night sky. The rattling of metal staircase alerted me to another person approaching. I knew who it was. We had met for coffee

Soul-Shifter Novel

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Death By Comics

Death By Comics Written by Bonnie Watson 2008 He learned to read from the many comic books left daily down by the creek. There were all sorts to choose, from Marvel to DC, to the less familiar independent titles. His favorite was an older version of the Aquaman series. The way the hero dived and swam, able to dwell above and below the water’s surface, was simply amazing! He even nicknamed himself Aqua in honor of the superhero. Aqua’s least favorite was the Incredible Hulk. To him, Hulk resembled the giant bullfrogs that frequented the lilypads. Their steady croaks echoed around the creek in eerie unison, clumped together in a m

Short Stories

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Attacking the Dream Emulator

Wisdom Novels

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Going Crazy

I'm going crazy here. I'm going crazy there. I'm going crazy standing. Or siting in a chair. My screen is all a blur. My hair is standing on end. I've ceased to read my work. I'm in a state of zen. My boss is out of town. I'm slacking at my desk. It's almost time to go, And give my eyes a rest. I've had enough of this. I'm going to count to ten. Oh look it's time to get! Yay! It's the weekend!

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Onmyoji Character - Koi

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Everest - Black Wing


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Book Two Cover Comparison


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