When Things Go Wrong

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When Things Go Wrong
By Bonnie Watson

Don't you hate it when things go wrong,
Or get out of hand because you're not strong?
Don't you hate it when two people meet,
One says hi while the other doesn't speak?
Don't you hate it when work is a wreck,
Your boss is a creep; you just wanna' wring his neck?
Don't you hate it when writer's block hits,
You can't think of a thing except boring bits?
Or don't you hate it when your artwork is critiqued,
Your baby is slammed to the highest of mock peeks?
Don't you hate it when the weather changes,
You can't go outside because of forecast phazes?
And why does everything suddenly have to be Green,
When it's all about they money and there's really no progress to be seen?
Why does the president believe we're not a Christian nation,
Just because other religions are here you think this is a vacation?
If the founding Fathers knew what we were up to,
I'll bet you anything they'd say, "Yep, we're screwed!"
Every day life experiences that relate in one way or another...and a bit of ranting.
© 2009 - 2021 bonbon3272
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You seemed to be in a bad mood when you wrote this. But still I like.
bonbon3272's avatar
And despite it all I still wanted to write a poem, lol.
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Good for you! It means you're a true writer!
ReMixt's avatar have a bad day bon?
bonbon3272's avatar
Just enough to make me wonder, that's all.
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alright. hope things have gotten better. :hug:
bonbon3272's avatar
Oh yeah, it's fine. Just felt like ranting on things, hehe.
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akai-no-akuma's avatar
I somehow can picture the founding fathers saying yes we're screwed and that's sorta funny.

*hugs* Sometimes daily life sucks.
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Yep. Thanks. *hugs back* Got your RP. Working on a reply.
akai-no-akuma's avatar
I already send mine back :) *hugs*
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