Time Keeper

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Time Keeper
Copyright © 2008 Bonnie Watson

He listened to the hypnotic rhythm of the swaying pendulum, its every pass counting the seconds, its every hum of air brushing against his body as it pulled into the extent of its hinges. Then the air split, like thunder pounding the sky around him. Tick. Another pass. Tock. The pendulum was the largest he had ever seen, solid gold as it hung from the center of the grand ceiling. It was his sanctuary, his prison, a private place to meditate after long hours of staring at tiny screens along the upper portion of the Time Machine. He oversaw the very structure of Time itself. He was its keeper and second in command under the Master of Time.

The pendulum swung dangerously low. To move at the wrong moment could prove fatal, though Time Keeper feared little else other than the model clock held captive in the Time Master's office. He remembered the day he built it, when it was completed, and the moment of his death. It was the moment the large hand struck its first chime, and in that moment lightening from a nearby storm struck the old farmhouse. Electricity sparked its way along the overhead wires connecting house and barn to the main line. He had been in the barn that night. In the modern world, that had been his sanctuary. But that one strike was his last breath - at least in a human sense.

Another swing faintly grazed his stomach. The pain would come soon if he did not move, though nowadays pain was all he had left to feel human once again. Now the tick of his mechanical clock held in the Master's office kept his heart beating.

So much for being human. He sighed as the sharp pendulum's point slit a line across his belly. He felt like screaming anyway. It would be a good release from all the hours in his own office. What I'd give to remember my old life.

The first stroke of pain sent shivers along his spine. It mattered little if his clothing got ruined. He was Time Keeper. Forwarding and reversing Time was what he did best.

Now if only I could manipulate Time enough to travel like the Time Master. He smiled at the thought. I could return to Earth.

He laughed, his rich voice carried around the room in a brilliant wave of echoes, eventually mocking him in the distance as they turned to screams.
To control Time is a long, boring experience. Who would have thought pain could bring release and once again feel... normal?
© 2008 - 2021 bonbon3272
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I really like the premise behind this. In so short a space and time-frame, the reader can still feel commiseration and sympathy for someone caught in an extraordinary situation not entirely of his own making. Thinking of submitting this to any magazines anywhere? I think you could do well with it. :)
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Really? It's kind of... depressing. Why do I always write depressing stuff??? LOL

Shoot, I wouldn't know where to submit this stuff. It's not like a complete short story or anything of importantance. Got an ideas?
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I tried EMG-zine for my things, but they have themes, so it's good to check on their submission page first. There are lots of fantasy places you can check on Google as a start, and if you need more help, please let me know.
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I thought I found one place, but when I sent them an email it kicked it back to me. Oh well. Yep. There are other places to try. That one was called Ink Pot.
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Hmm, I'll try to scour Google soon for you. I also have off today so I'll try to answer your future storyline note a little later since I finally took a breather coming up with notes for my own stuff.
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I'll get to your second snippet stuff soon, just need to eat dinner first. :)
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Kind of late, huh?
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