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The Third Child
Written by Bonnie Watson
Copyright © 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Of all differences, why this? Of all of the colors Nature could allow, why did it have to be those of the Dark One?

Wisdom adjusted the bundle held just as lovingly in his arms like he had done the other two. He could see their curious gaze from across the room, though he never directly looked up or stopped rocking. From the bed, faint snores reached his ears, and he sighed. At least Glory was sleeping, which was a change for the better. The labor had been difficult, and now as he sat slowly rocking his newborn son, he began to wonder whether the rumors were true. Was he truly holding a Dark One? And if so, did he have the courage to dispose of it, his own flesh and blood?

Shy, his brother, was not convinced. "It's easier now than later, when you're attached. Then, you'll risk everything for him - your home, your family, your own life! Think about this carefully before you choose which side you're own."

"Papa?" His young daughter inched closer to take a look. The infant's face was pale, as was his older son Keith, though this one was not albino. Already, dark hair curled over the brow, not unusual for Lo-ans'rel in their hours. Yet it was the eyes when slightly opened to sleepily glance about its surroundings that drew the most attention. They were cold, an icy blue, like the Dark Ones.

"Yes, sweetheart." Brilliant sapphire met his daughter's curious maple-browns, and with a smile he realized she was the image of her mother, if not for the auburn hair that came from his grandfather's side of the family.

"Are we going to lose him?" It was a simple question, with more meaning behind it than she let on. Gaily was smart for her age, being only six, with her older brother Keith nearing ten.

How alike they were, yet different. Keith resembled his father in every way, from the white hair to the piercing blue eyes. Already, his father's stubbornness was showing, especially when it came to magic. His daughter held on to her mother's grace and kind touch. Yet behind that sweet face was a power not even Wisdom was sure he fully understand. Even now, though she was all human, he could sense it. It pulled at the back of his thoughts, ever present, ever dormant, until the time arrived when it could be awakened.

Wisdom remembered his son's first use of talent. Just like me when I was his age, spurred by emotion. A faint smile cracked the corner of his lips. Should be interesting to see what comes next, the end... or the beginning?

The prince checked the infant hunkered down in the blanket. Never a sound did it make, not even after birth. That confused the servants. Even Lo-ans'rel cried. Yet the longer he stared at this tiny being in his arms, the longer he thought about all the things that could go wrong as the child grew, the answer was still as clear as the question presented before him.

The smile on his face grew.

"No," he answered, his gaze drifting past her to the bedroom door. There, Keith waited, silently listening to his father's words and thoughts. Sight-reading came easy, and it was not long before he nodded his own approval.

"We'll watch over him." Playing 'big brother' already. The prince chuckled and watched the two children depart. There was more to it than simply keeping him, and it was not just because there was no connection with Dark magic.

As the prince's eyes shifted to his mate still asleep in bed, their soft illumination was replaced with lavendar before quickly returning to its original color. There was still time before he had to meet the others.

Oh yes... I do indeed know which side I'm on...
And in-sight on what a father thinks when everyone thinks his child is... not normal - mostly because Dark power was unleashed upon the land and, though cleansed in the past, has produced some slight.... side effects.
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