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©2009 Bonnie Watson

I had a good life. Everything I wanted: a house, wife, two kids; it was the perfect setup for one like me. One…I suppose, who had two talents.

The first talent was simple. Come home. Greet kids. Kiss wife. Undress. Eat dinner. Sleep.

My other talent – it all began with a kiss, and it wasn’t from the wife.

Lovely. Fiery red hair. Matched her temper too. She could make any man crave for seconds. I was young and foolish back then. I had my share, just as anyone else. Yet my type of craving could not be satisfied with a mere one-night’s stand.

I had to possess.

That body, sleek and curving with two full moons upon a chest to block out the light of day. She was a fine catch, but something I should have left well alone. In my blindness, I kept wanting more, kept coming back. Always, she was alone…and waiting to take in all I had to give – that is, until she found another. He was slightly older, maybe more experienced. So what if I didn’t exactly fit the mold that other men did? And that was problem all on its own. I saw as I watched the in the bedroom. Our bedroom. I wasn’t married then. Didn’t need to be. Still don’t have to be. But, you see, that was the setup. While other men desired the body, I wanted something deeper, searched for it every chance I got…until one day I found how to reach it. And when I did, I vowed to strengthen my skill until I could return and claim my prize. Just one last time. That was all I needed.

That is…until she too discovered the secret. And then it became a game of cat and mouse. But who was the strongest? And when we finally did meet, who would possess it first…and become the next soul-shifter?
Originally titled "Shape-Shifter", I want the story to be about a man who desires to possess souls instead of bodies. He probably doesn't mean to be a serial killer in the process, but naturally if you possess a soul you've killed the body. So in the process of getting these souls, he ends up becoming these other people. His soul purpose is to get the one he was originally craving, until she found the secret as well. Now they don't know who they are, or when they're going to show up.

It's a crazy idea that morally shouts WRONG in all directions. Anyways, its fiction! Not crossing the lines of religion or obscenities. We'll just have to see where this plot goes, or if it changes or even works at all...

(insert evil laugh here)
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August 14, 2009
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