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He lay his head back against the chair's neck rest to reflect the day's accomplishments, which in his opinion would have been very little to all the sitting and thinking about how to deal with his problems. While his few servants busied themselves attending his every need that might make him more comfortable, the prince could not help but consider himself a failure.

"I haven't even been prince a month." Keith closed his eyes, trying to hold back tears. "Two weeks, if that!" Around him, he could sense a pause. "Already, I'm losing it!"

"No, you're not." Irene, whose long black hair had been pulled into a ponytail, rinsed out a wet towel and carried it over to his side. "You're aiming your goals too high." She dabbed his forehead with the cloth. "It's your first time as prince. You can't expect yourself to be perfect."

Keith sighed and relaxed under her gentle touch. Irene was a sweet person, with a mean streak at cooking. She knew how to turn boiling water into a favorable dinner. Before she had been rescued, her masters had all craved gruel and grits. But no more. Keith made sure there was plenty of ingredients to work with, low on money though they were. Perhaps if he went to the Thieves' Guild, he could persuade its Master Thief Blackavar to lend some of their stolen money.

He chuckled. Not that they'd run out any time soon. Lexington is melting pot for thieves.

"Something funny?"

The way she spoke reminded him of Glory. The poor girl's father was besides himself with worry when he came looking for her. It was all Keith could do to keep from worrying himself over how her marriage to the fish merchant was turning out. She had wanted to marry Keith, who tried hard to deny his own feelings toward the young woman. Yet in his heart...

No, it cannot be. My family's hostility toward humans could get her hurt. I couldn't have that. No, she's better off marrying that...low scoundrel...

A wet cloth slapped his face.

"Hey!" Keith reached up to grab Irene's hand.

"You were making that sound again." Irene frowned. "You know. That....growl."

"Oh. Sorry."

He handed her the cloth. It was no secret about what he was. in fact, the entire Realm of Trully  knew a Healer had returned. It was their belief that the two races would once again unite in peace. Healers would help the crops grow, and in return would be given that strange, honey smelling drink known as Pure Water. All Healers craved it. Perhaps if it was made strong enough, his entire family would change their mind about eliminating humans. But that was a ways off. For now, his main concern were the Schevolsky boys running around bullying people in the nearby town. Another call for help had come in.

"You're a good prince." Irene flashed a warm smile before he headed out. "You'll help many more before it's over with."

Before it's over... The prince waved his farewells. Before this day ends, I'll probably have saved another slave from abuse while beating off those boys with my staff again. Before the month is out, I'll  have to deal with my family's invasion. And before the year? Well, there's still the Dark Unicorn...
A snort snippet of Keith's desires and fears as he becomes the new prince of the Eastern Clan. Shortened version of what's come in the novel. This just summarizes the troubles to come...dum dum dum!
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I like it. It's nice to read about his concerns on if he'll do a good job or not. And the whole mentioning of Irene's cooking is great, hehe. It gives it a funny edge yet it's so normal and recognizable.