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Snippet from Red Moon Rising Trilogy
Written by Bonnie Watson
Copyright © 2008. All Rights Reserved.

It mattered little that the castle was devoid of life. Nathaniel was gone. His pet harpy had escaped. The once human body he had inhabited had been sucked dry when he removed himself from its core, taking the alchemist’s soul with it. His son, though, now there was a trophy, if ever he could name one. There was a man who knew the ups and downs of the illusionist world, and a faint chuckle passed the dark prince’s lips. Should have been more careful. He grinned at himself in the oval-shaped mirror, the body of the young man he possessed smiling back. Abraham he was no more. Now, there was just Merlock.

The only companions he could claim were his creations. Dracons, he called them. Part lizard, part man, they served without hesitance, providing the latest information on the Prince of Light. There’s always a way to frighten an animal in the night. He crossed the vast chamber to a side foyer. There, a simple gesture opened a hidden passage, and he stepped into the dimly lit room. He delighted in mind manipulations, but his latest catch had proved quite difficult, and for good reason.

The Healer’s wrists, shackled to magic dispelling arches, centered the body neatly for easier handling. Already, Merlock’s latest experiments had left one side of the Lo’ans’rel robe tattered, though the dark prince was careful not draw blood. That would come later.

A finger gently lifted the Healer’s chin, and weary emerald eyes met his host’s dark crimson.

“My dear Shy,” he purred, slightly gripping the cheeks so his prisoner could not turn away. “Ready for another try? You do realize I’ll know the location of your brother sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time before someone…slips.”

“If I had spit right now, it’d be in your face,” Shy managed in a dry tone.

Merlock only laughed. “Then you would feel my wrath afterwards, and I don’t think you want that, now do you?” He released the Healer’s face and turned to check how many vials remained on the counter. “Jenario was very kind to already have potions made from Euliactment.” He flashed a broad smile over his shoulder. “Shall we drink to the future?”

“You vile snake!” Shy struggled against his bonds, to no avail. No amount of strength would break them, especially not if a dark unicorn was controlling the magic throughout the Realm of Sapphire. “Go on then! You’ll get nothing from me, the same as before. I’ll never tell you where Wisdom his, or his champions!”

“Ah, yes.” Merlock filled a syringe with some of the potions contents. “His delightful and yet annoying champions.” He made sure to hold the needle where the Healer could clearly see how much would be pumped into him this time. “Let’s try a double dose. I’m in need for a little music to end this miserable silence.”
snippet from several books down the road - concept only
© 2008 - 2021 bonbon3272
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Poor Shy. Looks like unless someone saves the day soon, Wisdom's going to be in some big trouble. I think it'd be cool if you could keep posting snippets like this, even if they don't make it into the actual story one day.
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It's actually is nice to write SOMETHING due to all the art I've been doing lately. If anything, I'll do it for practice while delevoping characters not yet written about.

Now that probably wouldn't be in the actual novel, because Merlock is big on using his Dracons to torture for him. Don't know if it'd be Shy or one of the champions, but supposedly it's a trap set for Wisdom to try a rescue. Should've listened to Osha. She warned him not to get attached to his champions.

Or... would she say that knowing he'd go and she wants him to?? Hmmmm
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Depends on the effect you're going for. But it was cool to read about anyway. I know the feeling of trying to practice, I've been so far gone myself it's not funny.

Now I'm in the middle of seeing how I should shift abilities for my races of people--nature necros currently have the ability to tinker with their elemental affinity and if they curse someone, that part of the body that corresponds. Like, earth corresponds to bones according to some myths, so they can actually crush and misshape the bones without touching them, fire necromancers can give people fevers, things like that. But now I have another race that works primarily with the 'layers' of souls themselves and need to come up with things for them to do. I'm not sure if I should shift physical effects over to the other race and just leave the necros with the ability to manipulate their element just outside the body, or what. It's being very annoying.
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I like the idea that there are different necros, though I'm a bit lost about what you're saying with changing the race...??? You mean like making them non-human? Or am I totally over the top here?
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No, no, we're talking about a totally separate race of people here. See, there was once a king that wanted the long life this other race had, so he tried to use their blood to get it, and found that he couldn't. So he asked his chemists to change the properties of the blood so he could use it, and from that, necromancers were born. I still need to properly name this other race, but I have a few odds and ends about them if you want to hear over a note or something.
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Okay. I gotcha.
bloodrose83's avatar
I usually name things last, so everything's more or less a placeholder until I decide what's going on. And then once that's done we get to move onto the finer aspects of the happy plot. Oh, the joy.
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Sounds like fun ;)
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