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Innocence by bonbon3272 Innocence by bonbon3272
A ladybug captured the boy’s attention, its polished red and black shell reflecting the afternoon sun. After a few moments, the bug spread its wings and lazily drifted into the sunlight. He shielded his eyes, letting his mind imagine the bug’s journey. Stories of distant places his father often told when he was home from work came to mind; the people he met, the sights and sounds. Surely, an insect had no trouble accessing those places. He imagined how different his life would be as a bug and followed his father’s stories through his mind.


His mother’s voice interrupted the daydream, soothing like the nearby stream running through the woods as it linked to his mind. It was not unusual on lazy days when his father was pressed for work, leaving his wife and son to tend to the house and yard. Those days, the boy would be in his favorite location: the forest. Something about it called to him, and so his free time was spent exploring various areas of Nature.
Without a second thought to how his mother’s links were done, he turned for home, white curls bobbing as he ran. It was not far, just through the thicket and down the path he had traveled so many times the grass no longer grew. Even before he had cleared the trees he could see his mother waiting on the threshold of their two-story cottage. She was every bit the opposite compared to her son, he being fare-skinned with deep blue eyes while she retained long dark hair that cascaded over one shoulder. Her smile was as warm as the color of her eyes when she saw him coming, and Keith could smell fresh cut herbs on her clothing when he came close.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said.

Keith took a guess. “He’s home?”

At a nod, the boy rushed inside, garden scents forgotten at the excitement of his father coming home early. He found him just hanging up his coat when entering the room. Upon hearing his son, the large man turned to scoop him into his burly arms. Keith hugged tight, his cheek pressed against his father’s freshly shaven face.

Character © Bonnie Watson
From Novel Wisdom
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September 13, 2010
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