False Truths, False Hopes

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He knew it would come to this. The reason why his brother and Chanté had traveled from Crystal Valley all the way to the Realm of Trully was not because they were curious about humans. Well, they were. But they could never say anything to any of the clan members about it. And heaven forbid should Shy mention something to Chronicles about it. As both clan leader and father to them both, Chronicles held a hard understanding about humans that neither one truly came to grips with. He never told them the truth of why the clans split, or why he hated humans so much.

Now as Keith and his brother Shy hashed out their possible future, the memories of his father haunted the back of his mind. In the past, he had thought it was because his father lacked the responsibility to continue what his grandfather had left off. In truth, Chronicles had been skipped as leader after his father. Though it was clan law that leadership be passed to the next generation, Providence saw fit that Keith's mother and her family be passed the bit. Chronicles was none too happy about it. And then another truth. After the rebuild of the Eastern Clan, it was Shafari who approached Keith to reveal the Healers' story. Yes, Healers and humans once worked together. So why the split?

"I can't believe you told them it was a rogue Healer!" Keith had yelled.

For him to believe that Shafari, his once former master and slave trader, had convinced humans that a shape-shifter had become mentally unstable and rebelled unknowingly against them, destroying crops and buildings, and even killing a person or two, was downright crazy!

"Well, what was I supposed to tell them?" Shafari demanded. "That one of their own kind had managed to do it?"

Of course. Jenario...the human mage who stole a unicorn's horn and, now possessed by it, went mad with uncontrollable power and destroyed the relationship between the two races. Chronicles had witnessed it, had heard the stories told about it many times. Now he wanted revenge against the ones who burned down their home clan and forced his people into exile. No, Shafari could not tell the truth. Magic was too new for people to fully understand. To say it was one of their own would only cause chaos amongst themselves. No. It was better this way. Or at least up until now.

"You sent Glory back to Lexington?" Keith's brother hounded him.

"She's better off away from me, Shy."

"Lexington? That puts her right next to Crystal Valley! If Chronicles decides to wage war, she'll unfortunately be the first to know."

Keith was silent. Glory's radiant smile came to mind. How could he let something like that happen?

"We have to stop it," he finally said.

"Oh, and you suppose he'll change his mind just by taking a good look at her? Keith, she's pretty and all, but..."

"You know she's worth it!"

"And you know Chronicles would too if he had his way!" Shy returned.

His way. Chronicles’s way. Maybe if it went Keith's way for once, things would be different. He would have to try. Lives depended on it. Because if he didn't succeed with this, there was always the Dark Unicorn to contend with.

Jenario... Keith's gaze trailed off in the distance. Could something seen more dangerously important that this be useful in aiding against the invasion of his kind? It's worth a try...
Sometimes the truth is long and complicated. Imagine trying to tell your parent that after many years of lies and deceit. This is how Keith feels as his brother tries to talk sense into him about the coming war between their kind and humans.
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So their differences actually result in a war? Between Keith's kind and humans? Oh dear.
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Yep. His father wants to exterminate all humans, and he uses the slaves (harpies) being supressed by humans as a way to take the blunt of the battle. So all the Healers have to do is pick off the occasional person. In the end, he lets their leader die, which is the father to another main character, Corrigan. Needless to say, Corrigan is not too happy about this when he finds out. Corrigan is friend to Keith and also is a half-breed himself, but the dangerous kind.

Basically, you have three major characters. You've got Keith, Corrigan, and Jenario. Jenario takes the horn of a legendary unicorn, turning it evil. The soul of unicorn corrupts Jenario and wants a new body. Of course, it chooses Keith because Keith is a Healer, One with Nature, and a shape-shifter. All three in one, how can you pass that up? So Keith's not only fighting for humans, but for his life as well from the dark unicorn. Then you've got Corrigan who is frustrated of being a half-breed, so he chooses Jenario's side to get away from it all. That all ends up very badly, which keeps him from the action in Book Two, although he's still around...he just can't do anything because of the spell he's under. to summarize everything up....

WISDOM NOVELS is a concept of six books that follows the footsteps of a young magic-user forced to leave the comforts of his family home after an assassination orphans him, then a failed kidnapping leaves him stranded in a location only a thief could call paradise. Written in a medieval setting for young adults (i.e. Dragonlance) the story entwines the lives of several characters: a half-breed Black Wing seeking his captive mother in the human realms in order to escape his pure-blood family; an alchemist wielding a newfound power he hopes will make him the magic-user he has always wished to be; a Healer seeking to destroy the very foundation which lead to the division of his people; and two sister unicorns, one pure, one Dark, all while discovering where the main character originally came from in order to stop this growing Darkness and the first Black Unicorn.

*takes deep breath*

Now that's a complicated plot!!!
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Complicated plot indeed! Nice summary though, complicated but nice. And it all spells trouble.
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Yep...I'm almost done rewriting one of my chapters for book one. Yay!

I'm still reading your chapter. I printed it out last night and put it next to my bed to finish tonight.
akai-no-akuma's avatar
Woei woei, that's awesome. I need to rewrite stuff for Mindhunter, but I'm not really feeling like it, so I'm working on Anri and Ando until I do.
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Okay, so I was reading your story last night to get a feel for the characters. It takes some getting used to. I'm more familiar with Mindhunter, hehe. I still haven't finished...sorry. But if I could suggest something for the beginning, to "show" more of the characters versus "telling". That way there's a sense of who the person is by their actions or someone else's point of view. (And I also realize that if you're still hammering out details, that's cool, please ignore this)

Example: Where is says "you could see they ignored each other mostly. Everything pointed at them not being able to get along well"

Maybe have them get into an argument, or if the warrior likes remaining silent all the time, have mister prissy pants say something that goes ignored and his feelings toward that guy.

Just my two cents for the day ;)
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