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MLP: FIM Rising Darkness Page 15

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MLP FIM belongs to their rightful owners.
Masarras, comic, story are mine:D
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Syldiin's avatar
Great but I think all the blood is a little much
NightDragon204's avatar
This is great, keep up the good work!
Kenzo12's avatar
RaissaSpina's avatar
Great art and story! Can you continue it? ♥
CarolineSunset's avatar
yeah go Tia!
murder that son of a biscuit!
Mr-Pugington's avatar
You do realize Luna did nothing wrong at ll and that Celestia is being possessed by Mas, right?
sierra5043's avatar
*Monster Hunter Theme*
Raydhen's avatar
As you wish! [link]
But with FULL Adorableness-Nya! ^^ :iconadorableplz:
Shadowstar1206's avatar
Why did her main drop like that
Colbert455's avatar
It drop becus the thing is sucking all of her powers and magic and is slowly killing her
Spirittai1's avatar
Ya, nopony get's through Luna or Tia that quickly.
silvermoon442's avatar
very nice! I see the grammar and spelling are better. :P
Caustizer's avatar
I really like how the new text turned out, I'm glad you took my recommendations on the storyline. Spelling and Grammar mistakes appear to be on the low as well... good job!
aKaPinkiePie's avatar
this shit is exciting! :D
RaenBoow's avatar
Luna looks really good in panel 3 and 10, mature :clap:
Page 16 Soon... :plotting:
karkovice1's avatar
Another mature content filter is needed on this one... for blood.
RaenBoow's avatar
Nah it be pasta-sauce :meow: :icontruestoryplz:
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