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Journey to the Lunar Republic : Princess Nightmare

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By Bonaxor   |   Watch
Published: July 22, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 Bonaxor
Drawn by me, written by :iconcaustizer:

Welcome everyone :) Here is next part in Tilight journey to the Lunar Republic, comic is a commission, writer is Caustizer I hope you like it :)
Enjoy and have a GREAT DAY <3

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MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
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Semir10000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
when is the next page
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Wow...Dream is so rude.
revan1801's avatar
I totally lost it a the "It's because I'm black isn't it?" :D
fotland42's avatar
How dare you attempt to use the historical suffering of black ponies for personal gain! You're clearly navy blue.
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uncommentatorHobbyist General Artist
And that's my leave.
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TrueFrenzyHobbyist Artist
Okay Battius arrest the allmost allpowerful Lord of Chaos while his friend Twilight Sparkle who you just called Celestias new Weapon stands beside him. I see nothing that could go wrong.
fotland42's avatar
Yeah, his "friend." He'll be lucky if Twi doesn't help Battius.
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Really needs links so you can start at the beginning and work your way through.
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PoetBronyProfessional Writer
Discord being genuinely surprised? Wow, that does not happen often.
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Discord got owned! XD
Kingsman007's avatar
"hey bat boy. How's it hanging"?

That made me chuckle.
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CharelzzzHobbyist Digital Artist
It's because I'm black, isn't it?

Gave me a chuckle, but it dropped me out of the suspension of disbelief pretty quick.
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That was hilarious. Discord just tries to talk and then gets arrested, priceless. Unfortunately Dream is kind of right you are kind of a weapon for Equestria Twilight.
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Well, I hate myself for saying it but that "weapon" thing is a little bit true.
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PivociarzHobbyist Digital Artist
Without this weapon Equestria would be: place of eternal life, which would cause extinction of all life and/or place ruled by chaos and/or hive of changelings and/or destroyed by king somra and/or ruled by sunset satan and/or a giant everfree forest and/or sucked from all of it's magic, and presumably destroyed by Tirek and/or pony version of CCCP
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PivociarzHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, okay
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This was highly silly, but in a good way.
Such fun lol
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deodorant00Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"It's because I'm black isn't it?"

"NO!....maybe, I don't know."

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KamidereGoldenTimeStudent Artist
NOO!!!! Don't arrest Discord! T_T
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
finally twilight didn't have a bad moment in the end, but discord didn't expect this...
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