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Journey to the LR #25: The Epilogue

An Epilogie to a long story of Twilight, Rigel, Luna and Dream :) Enjoy

Drawn by me, written by :iconcaustizer:
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What an aimless story.
Why is that train going so fast...?

Prince Rigel might've been the one taking the place
of Firespite at Twilight's hooves, if he confessed to her that he's not
really homosexual after having kissed her like that.

I see Celestia and Dream are fluent in the ancient dialect eatsh*tanddieyoumotherfuish.

Well, so the comic was pretty good. Very funny, and I loved the irreverance. Sort of silly with the changelings at the end there, especially considering how awesome Prince Rigel would've been if he really pulled one over on Discord like that. Fireponies are a surprisingly interesting tribe... I don't usually see original species that well thought out.
templar127's avatar Rigel gonna sneak out and go to dat Bachelor party? XD
Silly zebra, this is how sisters get along.
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This was an okay comic. The art was quite beautiful, but the biggest problem was with the storytelling. Most of Dream's characterization came off as a one-note bitter jerk whose supposed positives seemed to me to be saying "she's not as bad as Celestia!"
I hope to see more of this world, though.
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When I first wrote this story, I was of the mind that I wanted Dream to warm up to Twilight quickly because of how obviously genuine she is (one doesn't become the princess of friendship for no reason) but later on I started to feel that this would make the narrative less compelling. The Lunar Republic and Equestria aren't friends, so Dream would be right to be suspicious of a newly appointed Equestrian Princess who is capable of such extraordinary feats as defeating all the previous MLP villains. Simply put, Twilight is a threat to her... which is why Dream is harder and meaner then normal.

Also, considering most of the MLP community knows her as Nightmare Moon, having an edgy proto-villain princess running the country where everything takes place adds to the suspense and intrigue of the story. Perhaps more of the other side of Dream will come out in future sequels? :)
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Well I never really felt that Dream was that much of a good leader here. I never felt that sympathetic to her, and finding out she helped with the Changeling invasion didn't help at all.
I mean, she was helping an army invade, conquer, and destroy a nation. (And it would have, too!) That isn't a petty act to get back at her sister, that was an act of war with a complete disregard to consequences!
It may be a bit of a hyperbole, but that's like finding out your brother helped bring out 9/11 jus because he thought you'd be in one of the towers!
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There's a lot of history between Celestia and Dream that hasn't been fairly represented yet in the story. As a bit of a hint, in the distant past Princess Dream left Equestria (including her previous position as the Princess of Justice and Dreams) because of how disgusted she was with Celestia's disregard for the safety of her subjects. Celestia would hold parties and festivals and galas to celebrate the success of the kingdom while Dream did the vast majority of the legwork including writing the laws, diplomacy with other races, and preemptively dealing with threats before they came.

Once Celestia started taking credit for Dream's hard work, the delicate balance of the triple throne began to unravel. Eventually, Dream got fed up and left - along with her third of the kingdom. This included most of the royal fleet and some of the most capable parts of Equestrian society. Suffering from near economic ruin, Celestia and Luna started fighting and Discord stepped in to "fill the void". We all know how that turned out. =P
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Well I really hope to see that backstory to explain why she's practically on the edge of open war.
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I didn't think it'd be over so quick
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Hmm, could it be a sign that the sequel is coming sooner then you think? ^w^
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Well time to pay up Pinkie

Angry Pinkie Pie icon Wait a minute you were shipping them back at number ten. Deals off.

True but we made that bet after number nineteen.

Pinkie Pie (can't talk) @#$%.
Pinkie Pie (Sorry) Can I pay you in about six months. The decor for the cancelled wedding is going to set me back a while.

.... Okay but you better have 600,000 bits ready by Hearts warming eve or the ghosts of hearts warming eve will be the least of your worries.
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Welp, time to celebrate! *pops cork off champagne bottle*
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That was good, very nicely done.
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Can I just say that I think Dream is probably one of the worst rulers I have ever seen. I mean did she WANT to start a war with Equestia, which was probably much stronger than her own kingdom. Because she did everything in her power to achive that, except from straight up declaring war. 
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She seemed to use others to weak the defenses of Equestria in order to have a full scale invasion.

You can see it that way since she guided Tirek to Equestria aided the Changelings, not to mention that note where she says that the deal is off, and several other things.
TrueFrenzy's avatar
I was mainly referring to her diplomatic decissions.

Let's start with arresting Discord. Job well done, you pissed of the Spirit of Chaos who was an allie to the Equestrians and had originally no intentions to harm you. Now you single handedly arrested an ally of an neighboured kingdom, for crimes that are either outdated (1000 years are quite a long time), and also gave one of the most unpredictable and powerfull beeings in Equestria a reason to be pissed at you. Also judging from her reaction she knew that he would escape and his imprisonment led directly to the batnapping of the prince.

Or how about sending Princess Twilight the hero of Equestria and priced student of Celestia right to jail, without trial or anything, just on the basis that her son said so. Even after Twilight was found bloody and wounded at the site of the attack. That sounds like sound reasoning to me.

Also going down on Celestia for banishing Luna in the way she did is nothing a ruler should do in my opininion.

Not to mention her trerrible treatement of her prisoners. Even if she isn't she just checks all the boxes for beeing a tyrant. 

I admit that Celestia and Luna weren't exactly delicate, but dream is just reckless and makes decisions without thinking them through. 
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Well that demonstrates that nopony have ever questioned her ways of government since drugs are "highly" legal and that all her subjects don't believe in other alicorns aside from Dream herself, including an undeniable hate to every single pony that is an Equestrian. She mostly does whatever she wants because of any lack of opposition.
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Wow this country is fucked up 
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3rd panel: It's time to rewrite history books.

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