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Heyas!! 🤗

Would you like to help me give a name to a character that I have been drawing for a looong time? 🎀

With Love, from Sheepboy by Bon-Bon-Bunny  Easter BunBoy by Bon-Bon-Bunny 

Those drawings are from 2011 and 2013!! 😱

And I have never really named him, after all this time. 😭

I only have the nickname of "Cosplay-kun" for him, because he dresses up as animals~ 😽

I would like to draw him more, so he definitely deserves a name, doesn't he? ✨

What are some cute names that you think would befit him? 🎀💖🎀
After a recent Windows 10 update, suddenly Paint Tool Sai (I use Sai 2 specifically) would not open any more.
No error message would come up in any form and nothing would even register in Task Manager.  There was simply the "loading circle" beside the mouse for a moment after clicking on the software, then nothing.

Other fixes for Sai not running in Windows suggest to run the software in compatibility mode for different versions, and to try each of those both with and without running as administrator.  These did not work in my case, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, below is the fix I finally found.

I must, however, give the warning that any customization you have done in the workspace, such as moving panels to the right side instead of the left, registering your own color palette, and all brush settings will be reset to default with this method.  Though it sounds devastating, it is better, in the end, to manually redo them than to not have access to Sai at all.  :star: Create "backups" of your Sai workspace by saving screencaps of your brush settings and custom palettes every few months or so to avoid future headaches! :star:

:bulletpink: The fix: :bulletpink:
In your Documents folder is a folder titled SYSTEMAX Software Development, and inside it is a folder titled SAI2 Demo.
The offending file in this folder is named settings2.ssd.  Delete it (or move it out of the folder if you'd like to try to restore your old settings from it in the future, although I could not find a way to do this), and upon the next attempt to open Sai again, I found that it started as normal and simply made a new settings2.ssd file for itself.
I had to spend some time manually recreating my color palette and brush settings based on some process pics & videos I've uploaded (lucky, huh?).
Again, I have to give the disclaimer that this works for Sai 2, and the file may be located elsewhere completely if you're using Sai 1.  (Btw, did you know that, as long as you have a licence for Sai 1, you can upgrade to Sai 2 for free?  It's on the official site!)

:star: I thought I should share this in case anyone else encountered the same completely-not-opening-at-all error after a Windows update!!  I hope it works for you, and may we all remember to save backup screencaps of our workspace forever onward. ・°・(ノД`)・°・
It's been forever but I made a new blog post over on my site~ \(; w ; )/

:bulletpink: Favorite Aliexpress Stores for Lolita, Gyaru, Fairy-Kei and Mori Girl! :bulletpink:

Click through for the full writeup and all the pretty pictures, but here's the short version of the list for quick reference:
Loliloli Shop for Lolita Princess - This is THE JACKPOT!! Perfectly princessy Lolita clothing – dresses, shoes, gorgeous stockings, everything!
J-fashion Harajuku - This store doesn’t have strictly Lolita things, but it has a wide variety of kawaii styles, many pastel and anime/geek-themed products, especially Sailor Moon items!
PRO-G DEAL - Pro-G Deal has manymanymany items from the Taobao brand Bobon21, which is for sure one of the cutest pastel brands out there!
Liz Lisa Sweet Girls and Store No.734703 (lol) - These two are being lumped together because they have very similar selections! They are both Liz Lisa sellers!
MONGPING finery - This store carries gorgeous Mori girl items!! They also stock Bobon21 items and other kawaii pastel styles as well!!
VV Elegant Fashion Co. Ltd. - This Taobao brand is called Pink Doll, and it is some of the most elegant & mature clothing I have ever seen!
Soul Vision - My last featured store for the day isn’t for clothes – it’s home decor! Living and sleeping in a pretty space is essential for all princesses! I loooooove the bedding that they have here, and all of the furniture and homewares are so elegant as well~
I will respond to all of my messages someday.

I will.
Jason the Greek is on the last day of its campaign, and it's SO CLOSE to being funded! The rewards are great even for donating very small amounts, but even just spreading the word would help out a lot!

:star: Check it out - the art work is fun and fantastic and it's super funny, too! : D  Especially if you like mythology stuff. * 3*
If anyone was thinking of ordering from my store for Christmas, December 13 (that's today!) is the last day you will be able to do so and have it ship in time! Thank you! (^-^)/

(ps. this only applies to orders within the US.  International orders are probably past the chance to arrive before Christmas, sorry!)
Whew!  I had my store closed for a short while there while I was busy with moving (and THEN A PAYPAL ISSUE CAME UP ON TOP OF THAT! @_@) but it's back up now!!  If you've never checked it out before, make now your first visit! n3n  I've got my art work on t-shirts and hoodies and probably other things in the future!!

Sorry for any inconvenience that might have caused!!

Once again, here's the link: :star: BonBonBunny Boutique :star:
*casually responds to messages and such from as far back as April*
Hello. :3  I'm really curious, since I never ever receive feedback, and I really would love to interact more with my followers here.  I seem to be so much less personable here on DA than I am on Tumblr and that's not fair to you guys, so I want to change that~

Anyway, I'm dying of curiosity over here because I never hear anything about what anyone thinks of my art.  You don't have to give any long critique or anything, just let me know your thoughts!  Some topics for discussion that you can pick and choose from if you like… n_n

:bulletpink: What art of mine did you see that made you want to follow me?

:bulletred: Is there a particular style of mine that you prefer?  Do have a preference for my cutesy doodles, my noodly chibis, or the anime portraits that I do?

:bulletblue: Is there anything about my lineart, coloring, or anatomy or anything that looks off?  What are some things that you see in my art that you dislike?

:bulletgreen: What kind of art would you like to see from me in the future?  Is there a series/franchise/fandom you wish that I would get into so that I would draw characters from it?

I'm open for any kind of discussion. :3  Thank you very kindly for taking the time to read over this.  I'm really excited about asking these since I've never really requested this kind of thing before, and I can't wait to hear from you guys. *o*  If you want to. . 3.
Swimming Anime

swimming anime

(ps.… )

Important update!!??
There is now an official petition run by Crunchyroll on to make an actual anime out of this.
:star: Check it out here! :star:

Mega sweetheart :icon-HatakeSage: is selling a lot of her anime goods & manga for crazy cheap!

She needs just a little help getting money before the end of the month, and boy do I ever know THAT feel.  We're in similar situations and so we help each other out by reaching out to our audiences and spreading the word, since we unfortunately can't help each other financially. ;-;

So here's where she's selling a bunch of cool stuff!!  Prices & so forth are in the description below the image.

Thanks so much for reading.  You are all gorgeous~
The brand new art community site, Anipan, just opened up to the public today!

:bulletpink: Here's where you can find me~ :bulletpink:

They seem to have a really neat system where you can customize the layout of your gallery… make some thumbnails larger than others to draw more attention to them, other fun stuff. o3o

There's also emphasis on community, sharing your likes & other interactions with users and arts.  Good times all around~

Comment with your url and we can all follow each other. ^o^

BonBonBunny @ Table P04 at Otakon!!

Fri Jul 27, 2012, 12:06 AM

uh this journal entry is pretty last-minute

I'm assuming that my watchers have been paying attention to my deviations though and can tell that I'm going to be in the Artist's Alley at Otakon.

I'll be debuting a couple of things: First, the handmade kawaii accessories of BonBonBoutique, and second, if you pick up one of my business cards, you'll catch a peek at the visual novel game I'm going to be making.  Those cards are the first place I'm revealing the finished designs of the six date-able guys in the game, as well as the title of the game itself, and a url where you can find more info.

(note to self: remember to actually make url active before tomorrow hmmmmmm...)


Table P04 is where I'll be chilling with my friend XDCreationz.  If you're looking for me, I'll be wearing frilly pink princessy Lolita, either this dress here or a white blouse + pink skirt.  I'm pretty sure my name badge says Bridget but maybe I put BonBonBunny on there too I don't remember. ;___________;

Here's a map of where to find me!!!!  I can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like, you guys don't even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Open question to otome gamers!

Sat Jun 9, 2012, 7:11 PM

What do you think of BL and yaoi in your otome games???

And I mean like a game where the OVERALL goal is to pair up the female protagonist with one of the male choices.  The implied (or blatant, w/e) BL dialogue would be between some of the male choices if you choose just the right options - kind of nudging them on the path toward liking each other more than liking your player character. You might see it in little bonus scenes in stuff and it might or might not significantly affect your own ending.

What are your opinions on that?  Would it make you want to play a game more?  Or less?

Do you find yourself shipping the male characters regardless of whether such options exist in the game? XD  Or does it frustrate you when you see other fans doing that?

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Thu May 3, 2012, 12:12 PM

I just joined Redbubble!!

:bulletpink: BonBonBunny on Redbubble :bulletpink:

I'm hopefully going to do my daily morning doodles again. n_n  They're very nice and therapeutic for me.  And since there's no investment involved in making my images available as t-shirts (/prints/stickers/iphone cases), why not? ^o^

Anyway, this isn't just me shamelessly promoting myself. XD

I want to follow YOU on Redbubble!!

I need to build up my watchlist, so hook me up! ^o^  If you don't have an account there yourself but know of an artist you like who does, then by all means I would love to check them out as well!

Thank you!! : D

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Update:  Okay so I'm not crazy about the 10 people they suggested I followed at the start by default.  I NEED MORE KAWAII ON MY PINTEREST DASHBOARD. <3

Comment here and link me to your Pinterest if you post anything cute, colorful, fun, sweet, pink, princessy, etc etc, because I want to follow you. <3


Hey all you lovely folks!! ^o^  Any Pinterest users here?  I just joined!

:bulletpink: ~Follow me if you'd like~ :bulletpink:

You can pick and choose which boards of mine to follow if you're not interested in all of those categories that I have. C:

Since I've just started, I need followers DESPERATELY!!  Special thank-you shout-out to :iconkimchikawaii: for inviting me. <3

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Hatoful Boyfriend turned out to be an even crazier game than anyone could have anticipated, and this playthrough I've put together only hints at the grand scale of intrigue and conspiracy that can only be experienced by playing the full game.

But I'll share with you everything that happened during one human girl's enrollment at St. PigeoNation's, including the full version of a particular character's ending that was cut short in the demo version.

:bulletpink: Part 1 introduces us to the cast of characters.  They're all birds, yes, but thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we can see what they'd look like IF they were human.  And wouldn't you know it - they aren't half bad to look at.

:bulletpink: Part 2 sweeps us along through the first months of school at St. PigeoNation's.  There's a class hike and a sports event, and a couple run-ins with the school's creepy doctor, Iwamine Shuu.

:bulletpink: Part 3 lets us flirt with the doc just a tiny bit (how he intrigues us so!) and then we get to see several characters' wishes tied to a bamboo tree during Tanabata.  Oh, and maybe a decision we made here led another character to his death.  No biggie!

:bulletpink: Part 4 speeds us through Summer's side events and brings us straight into the excitement of asking the doctor on a date with us to the Summer Festival.  It's fun, but not long after that we catch him in the middle of some late-night suspicious activity.  And, okay, maybe we inadvertently got another student killed.

:bulletpink: Part 5 is when things start to get legitimately creepy, as the Dr. Iwamine just never seems to let up his suspicious activities.  Did he just admit to causing that first missing student to disappear...?  But he seems to think of the heroine in a positive light now.

:bulletpink: Part 6 Christmas and New Year's come and go, with Iwamine showering the heroine with lavish gifts (sort of) and innocently people-watching at the shrine.  A romantic holiday specific to pigeon culture occurs, but Shuu doesn't seem happy with our offering of affection.  Hey, what's up, Doc?

:bulletpink: The Ending will make your jaw drop, your mind explode, and possibly trigger your gag reflex.  It's great.

If this doesn't convince you to put $5 down toward hours of branching storyline entertainment, I don't know what else would.  All I'm saying is, this game needs to be experienced.

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Here's a quick post discussing the site's upcoming updates. Short version is basically that Hatoful Boyfriend posts are on hold until I finish making/uploading all of the images of the pony plushes I've finished so far. I've gotten way behind on that!

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Did everybirdie have a nice Valentine's Day?  I can't think of a better holiday for playing dating sims.
Here's one about birds.

Update: Part 2 is up
Update: Part 3 and Part 4

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Landmark Reached: First $100 Made Online

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 7:16 AM