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Beloved old concepts



RPG Maker used to be my life. c:

Making games in Stencyl is rekindling all of those wonderful old feelings of building worlds and characters and adventures.

I want to revisit my old worlds and bring them to life again. c:

While we're at it, let's all point and laugh at my old art work from five or six (or more!) years ago! Somehow I don't have any art work of Yossy. ;-;

Book of Days was a story about a kingdom filled with elves and magic... not especially remarkable in hindsight, typical JRPG Zelda-inspired stuff. The dialogue was largely humor-based, and Quasar was both the hero and the comic relief. I literally acquired names for characters by thumbing through dictionaries looking for obscure words.

Faereality was a contemporary-setting fairy tale that combined my love for magical girls and pretty fairy boys. It's one that I'd really love to revisit. <3

My heroes were always represented by the colors pink and green. Except for the ones that were red. Maybe I'll draw those, too. <3

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Are you going to remake your game on Stencil? Yossy's really pretty * u*
man, I have so many ideas built up from when I was young... like when I was young, I had a lot of ideas but they just stayed in pencil and paper--they were mostly all book ideas, movie ideas, website, roleplaying characters--and I'm going to do something about them now! 8DD