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2018 Art Summary by Bon-Bon-Bunny 2018 Art Summary :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 0 0 Num Noms Yummy Dottie and Bun-fetti by Bon-Bon-Bunny Num Noms Yummy Dottie and Bun-fetti :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 9 0 Handmade Felt Plush Sweets by Bon-Bon-Bunny Handmade Felt Plush Sweets :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 5 3 Ivan (Golden Sun) by Bon-Bon-Bunny Ivan (Golden Sun) :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 7 0 Handmade Pastel Dolly by Bon-Bon-Bunny Handmade Pastel Dolly :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 1 1 Bowsette by Bon-Bon-Bunny Bowsette :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 17 3 (Preorders Open!) Angel Feather Dress by Bon-Bon-Bunny (Preorders Open!) Angel Feather Dress :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 3 0 (Preorders Open!) Rosebud Stripe Princess Dress by Bon-Bon-Bunny (Preorders Open!) Rosebud Stripe Princess Dress :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 8 3 Fashion Illustration Portfolio by Bon-Bon-Bunny Fashion Illustration Portfolio :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 1 1 Artist Eye Meme by Bon-Bon-Bunny Artist Eye Meme :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 4 0 Young Link and Pichu by Bon-Bon-Bunny Young Link and Pichu :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 34 3 E3 2018 excitement!!!!! by Bon-Bon-Bunny E3 2018 excitement!!!!! :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 7 0 Lulu (Final Fantasy X) - link to full pic in desc! by Bon-Bon-Bunny Lulu (Final Fantasy X) - link to full pic in desc! :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 9 1 Killia (Disgaea 5) - link to full pic below by Bon-Bon-Bunny Killia (Disgaea 5) - link to full pic below :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 3 0 Mermaid Treasure for #Mermay by Bon-Bon-Bunny Mermaid Treasure for #Mermay :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 21 2 Art VS Artist by Bon-Bon-Bunny Art VS Artist :iconbon-bon-bunny:Bon-Bon-Bunny 3 2



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I don't know why I put an age on here, knowing it changes every year//
I'm 29 now!!


2018 Art Summary

I love what I've created this year!! 🤗🤗  (Those are hugs for me, from myself 💞)  I enjoyed drawing so many fun and colorful things, and I had so much to choose from to put together this summary for this year!! 🎉

This doesn't even include my sewing or game work~!!  I really was just constantly creating this year. 🤗💖🌻

Num Noms Yummy Dottie and Bun-fetti
There is a new line of Num Noms toys that resemble incredibly sweet little dolls like this!!  Of course the pink & pastel one stood out to me as a favorite~ 🌸💠🌸

This illustration is available on Redbubble, where you can get stickers or clothing or art prints or all kinds of other cool stuff with this design!:

I also recorded a video of my full drawing process for this, which you can view over here:…

🌸 Support me on Patreon so I can keep creating: 🤗
Handmade Felt Plush Sweets

I hand-sewed a dozen of these sweet little cupcakes/bonbons/truffles to display around my tea shelf~ 🍫

I sewed each one of these by hand from felt, embroidery, and some buttons here and there.  I created each color combination deliberately so each one was different, and so each one brings to mind a particular flavor~

Which one is your favorite, and what do you think it would taste like? 🤗

You can view another pic of them as well as find the instructions I followed to make them over on this post~

Heyas!! 🤗

Would you like to help me give a name to a character that I have been drawing for a looong time? 🎀

With Love, from Sheepboy by Bon-Bon-Bunny  Easter BunBoy by Bon-Bon-Bunny 

Those drawings are from 2011 and 2013!! 😱

And I have never really named him, after all this time. 😭

I only have the nickname of "Cosplay-kun" for him, because he dresses up as animals~ 😽

I would like to draw him more, so he definitely deserves a name, doesn't he? ✨

What are some cute names that you think would befit him? 🎀💖🎀

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Fluffypuppy77 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*slides in to view* o0o

Bon-Bon-Bunny Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Professional General Artist
Ohh thank you sooooo much!!!!! 🤗🎂🎉
Fluffypuppy77 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*throws confetti*
Lavender-Mint-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Student Writer
Hi~ Your art is really cute. What kind of games are you thinking of making?
Bon-Bon-Bunny Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank you!!!!!  I am working currently on a welcome video to put on the Patreon page that will detail my game ideas for folks with this exact question.  Basically they will include:

:bulletpink: Cute art style and elements that look hand-drawn
:bulletpink: Full control over the player character, being able to walk around maps and interact with the environment and with NPCs
:bulletpink: Simulation aspects where you live and exist in a peaceful town and befriend your neighbors, some games involve raising stats by doing tasks
:bulletpink: Adventurous aspects - exploring forests and other environments, collecting treasure
:bulletpink: not all of my game ideas involve combat but the ones that do have simple battle mechanics, not much more complicated than swinging a weapon in front of you with a button press, or simple combinations of button presses at the most complicated.

Some of my older deviations detail some of my characters and stuff - here's one that show the cast of characters for a raising simulation game~
Paws to Hold Dear - Characters by Bon-Bon-Bunny
Lavender-Mint-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Student Writer
This is cute~ I don't really play games, though... but it's good to make things that aren't violent ^_^
Bon-Bon-Bunny Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank you for your interest, it is fun talking about it. n_n
Cutiesaurs Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Drawn to Life Month Also check out my reboot Story. emote thingy for my signature 
Artyfireheart Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016  Student Artist
You deserve a watch!
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