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Yup, after two surgeries, I am now alive and out of the hospital (for a month now) and my incision has turned into an annoying large scar that feels like rubberband. That said, I will be back into drawing sooner or later :)

Untitled by bon-adriel

Hi All,

In case you guys are wondering, some of you probably are, why I am being inactive, it is because of health issues. Recently, I've been diagnosed of a paraganglioma tumour near my left kidney which is a very rare tumour that secretes extra catecholamines (adrenaline/noradrenalin) that raises my blood pressure to extreme heights. I've been in the hospital for quite a while now and my surgery is tentatively scheduled on July 30th.

I will remain inactive here in deviantart, however, you can follow me on a new journal blog that I just started at this blog is more of a creative writing blog based on my experiences so it's not quite real. Nevertheless, I hope it will be quite entertaining for some of you.

Well, wish me luck!
Hi All!

I am back from my Europe vacation :D
It was so amazing I didn't wanna come back...

Well, that said, I am back, and will start working on my summer project ASAP (while working on my master's thesis projects and all)
Tales of Hetalia will resume by Sunday!

Hi All!

I am going to Europe to visit Francis, Basch, and Ludwig (France, Switzerland, and Germany), specifically Paris, Lausanne, and Berlin.

That said, I will be gone in 9 days for about a month. So... there will be no updates around that time from me. I will try to get in one last page by next Sunday to ToH, but please don't expect much as I will be very busy sorting things out.

So bye bye and see y'all in a month :D
So if anyone actually cares about the verdict about my eyes, well, turns out I have internal eye bleeding; I am being referred to an ophthalmologist and hopefully I get treated really soon.

The cause of the bleeding are usually Diabetes, or High blood pressure.

Guys, in the past few days, I started noticing a blurry patch near the centre of vision on my left eye... I'm going to see the eye doctor tomorrow, hopefully it's reversible, if not, I'm dead. My eyes and hands are my only redeeming features T_T
Hi y'all!

Basically, by now, most of you would've probably seen the first page of Tales of Hetalia. I'm making this sort of a weekly thing now, where I upload 1 (or more when I'm feeling like it) pages per week. This will probably change come summer because I will have (hopefully) more free time by then~

At first I was thinking of finishing a chapter first and then uploading it, but that's tedious and takes a long time... Also, I realised that I will probably be more motivated to finish things if I have a weekly deadline, deadlines for the win! :w00t: haha.

So if you're only here for ToH, then come back every SUNDAY night (like... probably 6PM - 12PM pacific)

If you guys haven't noticed, Grad School has totally became my sole life during the past month, I had no time for anything else. Today, I just submitted a paper to a conference (Deadline's on Easter, yup! I bet you the conference organisers just wanna torture us). That said, I'm still not free... in the following weeks, I have to finish 2 course projects, paper and demos, blagh blagh, etc. One day, I swear, I will die of exhaustion. Maybe grad school isn't quite for me... Better yet, any type of work isn't for me... lol

Anyways, in course of doing all this work, I made a poem with what's left of my sanity (if you can still call me sane, that is).

Bean is like Been, & Lean & Teen,
But Sweat is not Sweet nor Great like Greet,
Though mind you of Heal, Heel, Dear & Deer,
Bears drink Beer & Bare their Rears.
Remember Tales of Hetalia: Night by spinelquartz and Tales of Hetalia: Day by spinelquartz from my previous account about 2+ years ago?


Why the long wait? Well, I went on a drawing hiatus for a long time and dropped most of my projects. I have 4 pages done for ToH and I did long to finish more, but then my computones plug-in didn't work after I updated to Photoshop CS5 64bits... So I have no way of drawing tones the easy way for a long while.

Today, I decided to reinstall the damn plug-in and it still doesn't work... for the 64-bit version of Photoshop, that is. I realised it works well for the 32-bit version of CS5. GREAT! Now I can start finishing those PSD pages that are rotting in my hard drive~ :w00t:

And there you have it, ToH will be revived! albeit slowly because I have a thesis to write.
Hi Everyone,

Some of you may remember me as spinelquartz from my previous life account. However, after disappearing for years, I finally decided to come back to drawing but wanted to have a fresh start.

Why not just reset your old account?
I planned on doing so, however, as I was browsing it, it reminded me of my younger years and showed me how I grew and I got sentimental. I will leave it untouched as a sort of memento, not just for me, but for everyone else as well.

What should we expect from you?
I will be uploading mostly drawings. I recently got a set of Copic Sketch Markers that I want to put into good use. Expect a lot of manga-style drawings, and some design drawings -be it industrial or architectural. Also, I recently bought a Canon EOS 6D so expect some photography as well.

What are your preferred drawing tools?
I work a lot with markers for traditional media, but I'm also experienced in using Photoshop.

That said,
Welcome back to me!