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Hi everyone,

It's been a really long while since I was here in deviantart. Well, I just want to say that I am back, and to start things up, I will be doing the 100 themes challenge (variety 1) from :icon100themeschallenge:. It's something that I've always wanted to do since I started here in Deviantart 10 years ago (on my previous account -> :iconspinelquartz:). I never finished it then, hopefully this time I will! I recently picked up watercolours and wanted to practice. I think the different themes could give me something to draw from. So, it could be 100 themes challenge in watercolours! :XD: But who knows? I might just use other different media (I am more proficient with photoshop after all :p).

In case you were wondering, my Tales of Hetalia fan-manga is on hiatus indefinitely... I just don't have any motivation right now to do it. Maybe you can convince me haha! Also, I'm not gonna pretend that my PhD isn't eating most of my time (and I'm not paid enough for it).

Anyways, here's to my come-back! :D
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I'm looking forward to seeing the things you come up with!