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[Tales of Hetalia] chapter 01 page 05

By bon-adriel
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Forgive my usage of Archaic English... it's a church thing! right? it sounds more legit if the archbishop speaks in archaic english...
Well, I tried to get the archaic grammar correct but if I messed something up, do tell!

And No, the doujin will not be always in Archaic (Middle / Shakespearean, whatever you wanna call it) English except on spells and bishop talk...
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loveyangel1111's avatar
((aww. come on, no nude scenes?lol. jk))
bon-adriel's avatar
LOL I guess if I add that that will be a "fan fan service"! :o
Mara911's avatar
Best Hetalia fan story ever, please continue this epic story of awesomeness. :D
bon-adriel's avatar
I will! and Thanks :D
JJ-Jam's avatar
waiting for the next part...
bon-adriel's avatar
2 new pages are out now :)

Just 2 lol
uru94's avatar
very interesting beginning....please continue!! and your drawas are really good
bon-adriel's avatar
thanks and I will!
Phoenixdragon2033's avatar
Holy fricking cow bro! this is beyond awesome! this is fdicking amazing! XD
Phoenixdragon2033's avatar
whitekittyredhair's avatar
WAaah great job with the background and the shading!
bon-adriel's avatar
God, shading that was annoying! I'm glad at least one commented about it :XD: thanks!
Fyreflare's avatar
This look so cool! I really like your style and can't wait to see what this story becomes! :D
bon-adriel's avatar
HotaruMitsuki101's avatar
I'm not tempted to make a Bioshock Infinite joke and say "now be baptized and hold your head there for a few minutes, so you better love the air".

Or something like that.
bon-adriel's avatar
that would be a coincidence because I've never played Bioshock ^^;
HotaruMitsuki101's avatar
OK, that is fine~

Since I'm a Tales fan on top of my Hetalia-ness, I can't wait for another update~
verachime's avatar
Love it! Looking forward to reading the rest =)
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