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Wonder Woman Celaoxxx CG

Pencils: :iconcelaoxxx:
Inks: :iconmadman1:
Colours: Me

Finally opened Photoshop back up for a spot of colouring. :iconjats: both agreed to take a stab at these lines for fun :) His version can be found here: [link]
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I wonder who'll help her find her top?

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very nice Love Clap 
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Love her expression and the reflection in her bracelet. Oh I cannot forget the booty!!! :)
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Nice colors, the lines are thick so it was prbbly a fast one right? anyways good job.
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Thanks. I can't recall how long this one took, but yeah, probably quicker than others as it wasn't massively detailed :)
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Colors are amazing! Hey can you give me a bit of coloring advice over notes? o:
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Thanks and sure. What would you like to know?
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No problem. :3

Okay, I'm a self taught artist and recently, I developed a love for coloring digitally (formerly traditional) and I want to make my pictures pop even more with colors that are bold kind of like your WW pic here. I just want to learn everything I need to know.
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I checked out your stuff- you're already along the right lines. For more 'pop', add more contrast between light and dark tones and try to keep colour graduations real smooth by using a larger brush with low 'flow' (assuming you use Photoshop, so hope you'll know what I mean). The background on this is near complementary to the skin colour which which create more contrast. The black shadows and white highlights on the hair create ultimate contrast! :D Also I usually like to have a light source either left-front or right-front. In this case it's more back-lit, which looks pretty neat!
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Ohh! I use to be pro-bono on PS but i use Paint Tool Sai now, does the same rules apply on there as well? o:
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I've not used Sai, so not sure if brushes have separate Flow and Opacity levels? Using a soft brush in Photoshop with a low opacity level will have a similar effect to a low Flow level. So basically as long as you can adjust your colouring software brushes Flow or Opacity levels, I'd recommend setting your brushes really low and building up the tones gradually to give a more gradient-like effect compared to a more solid streak of shading. Does that make any sense? :)
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Sure. I think I can do that. tell you what, I'll be coloring a piece tonight and I want you to judge if my color work needs more improvement.
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Cool. Send me a note when it's up and I'll check it out. I've got one I need to colour myself. The challenge will be to keep it under 10 hours. I'm sloooow!
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It's hard to find fan art of a bottom heavy Wonder Woman. Thank you for this. This is how the Amazon princess should be.
I love that picture.
wow, gorgeous coloring.
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Perfect WW!!! Hope to see her in complete costume with this body!!!
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